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11 Must-Read SEO Tips for 2021 Success

It has been a long 2020, and there seems to be no end in sight if we consider this pandemic. However, 2021 is just around the corner. Dwelling on how terrible this year has been an exercise in futility. The best thing to do is look at what lies ahead. For SEO strategies, it’s not too early to consider the future. Some trends could be more popular in the years ahead. Understanding how to make the most of these strategies helps. With the best SEO Services, it’s easier to move higher in search engine rankings. These are 11 of the best SEO tips that could hold more value in 2021.

  1. Content maintenance would be more important 

Back then, having as much content as possible on a website helps in SEO rankings. These days, it’s no longer a guarantee of success. Content maintenance is even more important. Outdated and unnecessary articles should get taken out of the page. Similar articles should also get consolidated. The goal is to ensure that the website becomes more relevant and reduces the number of pages. Google will then find it easier to define the potential audience and compare it with other relevant sites before ranking. It also boosts the authority of the site about certain topics.

  1. E-A-T will continue to be the guiding principle 

EAT refers to the overall reputation of a site. It’s an abbreviation for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Most companies struggle with reputation. When people don’t see them as a reputable option, other choices get prioritized. It would be more difficult to compete under these circumstances. Hence, it makes sense to continue following this principle. Producing content that shows authority and knowledge of the primary subject would go a long way.

  1. Local SEO focus 

Community-focused local SEO will also become more relevant. In 2021, more economies around the world will start to rebuild. Several businesses will end up getting disrupted due to this pandemic. People will also feel motivated to support local industries so they can get back on their feet. When people start searching for local businesses to patronize, it’s crucial to be on top of that list. Optimizing in this regard could bring the business up.

  1. Content with statistics 

Statistics didn’t use to be a big deal back then. In 2021, it will become more relevant. Statistics give more authority to the content. When people see statistics backing up certain claims and theories, they believe that information even more. Google’s algorithm also loves statistics. It deems the content more authoritative and trustworthy. In a world where misinformation is growing more than ever, it helps to rely on research-based facts.

  1. Optimizing older content 

It might seem counterintuitive to provide people with something they already read before. The truth is that optimizing old content is becoming a trend. Sure, the content already got published and promoted for a certain period. It might be time to move forward. However, these contents might have the necessary updates. With better information included, that page could get traction again.

  1. Friendliness to mobile devices 

Mobile-first indexing is probably the most significant trend for 2021. Several websites still have low mobile speed scores, while others aren’t suitable for mobile devices at all. The tabs are all over the place, and it’s not easy to view images and videos. Google will switch to a mobile-first indexing approach soon, and it could hurt websites that still don’t follow the right approach. Terrible mobile versions will eventually be obsolete if not updated soon.

  1. Online shopping improvement 

More people shop online these days. They prefer to buy the items right away. As soon as they remember what to buy, they will get their phones and add them to the cart. Mobile device users make up a large portion of online shoppers. Hence, e-commerce platforms should move towards being more mobile-friendly. It simplifies the experience for shoppers. Also, due to this pandemic, more people relied on their phones to buy what they need. Even if the pandemic is over, this reliance will continue.

  1. Voice search optimization

Searching for information using voice will remain a trend in 2021. It will even be bigger. When people type keywords to search for information, they will contain a few words. There will be more abbreviations. Optimizing these shorter keywords is essential. However, with voice search, it will be about long-tail key phrases. When people search for information, they will probably use complete sentences and longer phrases. With the rise of more voice search options like Google Assistant and Siri, it would be a mistake not to focus on optimizing voice searches.

  1. Focus on content

Each year, content is necessary to succeed in SEO. 2021 will be no different. Content remains the king. The competition is even fiercer. More websites will produce quality content. They want to remain relevant, and they could also target similar keywords. Failing to live up to the standards and compete with other sites could lower rankings. Most companies should focus on hiring high-quality writers who can write the best articles that people will read. With the best SEO services, having top writers to produce great content wouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Longer articles will be more popular 

It’s easy to think that longer articles will soon be irrelevant. People are too busy and might not have any interest in reading anything that takes up a lot of time. The truth is that these articles are a one-stop-shop for what people need to know. Hence, they become a priority when searching for information. Articles with at least 2,000 words offer a comprehensive guide, which many people like to read. Also, at a time of disinformation, reading details is more important. Getting snippets or short videos isn’t helpful at all. Seeing the consequences of disinformation campaigns around the world, more people are becoming cautious. Longer articles seem more trustworthy and authoritative.

However, even if an article contains 2,000 words, it won’t help if it’s mostly fluffs and fillers. Readers might get confused along the way and decide not to finish reading the entire article. One poorly written article could adversely impact the reputation of the website.

  1. Understanding negative keywords

It might be easy to understand which keywords to optimize, but it could also work the other way. Understanding negative keywords help a lot. They’re the ones no one wants to target. Adding negative keywords in the search will give a better picture of what to avoid. They might also be popular keywords people search for but do not apply to the website. Hence, they hold no value at all.

The competition will be tougher

These tips will help the website become more visible online and move up the search engine rankings. However, it’s also important to see how tough the competition will be. More websites are gunning for the same keywords, and they also produce quality content. Failing to compete with them could be harmful to these SEO efforts.

Managing reputation is also key to the success of the website. Some companies will resort to negative campaigns that could hurt the competitors. Boosting the company’s reputation prevents these negative campaigns from getting traction.

There are quality SEO services out there that are worth hiring for companies willing to enter the game and do better. These specialists like Reposition know how SEO works and had the chance to compare different approaches over the years. They can see the problem in every strategy, and they know what would be suitable. Relying on some people within the team to deal with SEO approaches might not be enough.

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