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4 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe from Breaches

by Alex Schnee

If you are modern-day business, it’s likely that you keep a significant amount of data on your server or in a place where it can be accessed by employees. While this can be convenient for a number of different reasons, it can also leave valuable information in jeopardy if it discovered by someone who will use it harm your business. As the world becomes more connected, it’s worth it to invest in ways to keep your data safe.

Here are some solutions to finding ways to keep files hidden and only accessible by those who need it.

1. Use encryption

Having a form of encryption can make all the difference when you are sending over files—especially if it happens to be through email. While sending files and attachments through messages over an encrypted service can make a difference, you’re likely to be limited on the size of the files you can send. If you haven’t made the effort to make sure that your servers and emails are encrypted, then you will want to do so.

2. Store files properly

Another thing to keep in mind is where you want to store those important files and how you can keep them from being openly shared. One way to do this is by investing in a deal room where employees can make edits to documents, save contracts, and more, but that you know will require several layers of security in order to view these. While it might be tempting to save on an open drive, if you are dealing with clients’ information, then it is a good idea to make it more difficult for people to see it.

3. Allow limited access

You’re going to want to double check every now and then to make sure that only your employees and customers are able to see your files. Oftentimes, you can require them to sign in and out and watch the logs in order to see if the right people are viewing files. Including a password can make a big difference, as well, especially if you make the effort to change it on a regular basis. You’ll also want to stress to employees how important it is that they don’t share these items outside your organization.

4. Test your systems

Another great way to see if your systems are secure is to hire a firm to “hack” them. If they have difficulty, then it is a good sign that you have done the proper amount of security work and you are less likely to lose compromised documents and files. If an outside firm is able to break in, then it is a sign that you might need some additional help with your security measures.

In summary

As data becomes essential to the success of many businesses, it’s important to make sure you have done the proper work to keep it safe. With these tips in mind, you’re less likely to have a breach that can cause major damage to your business’s reputation and affect your bottom line.

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