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5 Best Apps Where You Can Read Books for Free

The electronic transition of paper has forever changed how we interact with books. We no longer have to lug around those bulky books everywhere we go, so we could read whenever the mood strikes.

The release of the first-ever commercial e-reader, Rocketbook, in 1997, followed by a series of others including the Sony Librie during the next decade had the booklovers raving in delight. However, the devices didn’t gain widespread public acceptance until the release of the Amazon Kindle in 2007.

The Kindle trumped its predecessor in terms of functionality and innovation as the e-reader provided access to Amazon’s vast e-book store and self-publishing platform over a wireless connection. Amazon communicated its purpose via a fitting mission statement, ‘Our vision is to make every book ever written, in any language, all available within 60 seconds.’

Over the years many devices popped up to compete with the Kindle and the onset of e-reading apps on smartphones and tablets — perfectly mimicking Kindle’s functionality and interface — managed to give the juggernaut quite a rivalry. Still, experts in 2019 calculated Amazon’s e-book market to be somewhere at 67%.

However, it doesn’t matter who has a bigger market share as there is only one clear winner that is the Reader. Today, anyone can read any book on any platform on any device wherever they are, provided they have a good internet connection, which one can easily get with a call to the Spectrum Customer Service. Spectrum makes sure you have the fastest internet connection in the world and are able to access it over its 650,000 hotspots across the nation.

Ahem… what about free eBooks?

Now the crux of the matter! We cannot get every book we love to fill up the storage capacity of our reading devices, because they come at a price. Especially during this viral pandemic, we increasingly look for avenues to distract us from the grim reality and detract us from socializing, which means more books.

So we got to find ways to download books for free when every other e-reading app and device only allows access to books if they have been purchased through the app.

So here’s the list of applications that offer you free eBooks:

  1. Amazon Kindle

Of course, the first on our list already is the juggernaut itself. So let’s talk about what the platform offers to its users as they sign up with their Amazon ID. You don’t have to purchase the Kindle reader now to access the app, just simply download it from the Google Play Store, the App Store, or even access it via desktop.

The platform offers access to a load of free Kindle eBooks in every genre, from romance and suspense to mystery and non-fiction. Every now and then, Authors at Amazon let users access their eBook for free for a limited period of time for promotion purposes. Also, some of them giveaway free Amazon gift cards during promotions to one of their lucky followers, from which you can get any book you love from the Kindle Library at no cost from your end. So make sure you follow your favorite authors

Furthermore, do have a look at Kindle daily deals where they sell a number of books (for a limited period) at prices as low as $1.99; who knows that a book you have been eyeing for a while turns up at a great discount or for free.

  1. Moon + Reader

One of the most underrated e-reading apps out there. The feature that sets it apart is its powerful support for a dozen formats such as EPUB, PDF, DJVU, AZW3, MOBI, FB2, PRC, CHM, CBZ, CBR, UMD, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, MD(MarkDown), WEBP, RAR, ZIP or OPDS. Other e-reading apps only support a few formats, mainly EPUB, PDF, and MOBI.

So apart from transferring your eBooks to the app, you can access thousands of other eBooks for via its Net Library that includes access to Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks,, and Moon + Catalogs in multiple languages.

The Moon + Reader app is sadly only available at Google Play Store. You can even acquire its premium version, Moon+ Reader Pro, and enjoy its dozens of capabilities, features, and libraries without the hindrance of ads.

  1. Google Play Books

Anyone else who can provide as good a user experience as Kindle is the Google Play Books. The platform work like any other eBook reader, where you can export your own books, purchase eBooks and even audiobooks, and preview audiobook samples from its vast book collection of comics, novels, and textbooks — said to be in millions.

In addition, you can access and download thousands of free books, including classic literature, historical accounts, correspondence, diaries, autobiographies, and any other book its author chooses to make it available for free.

You can look up the book you want, and then filter the search results in the menu to free, and see which of them is accessible and ready to be downloaded at no cost.

You can download Google Play Books via the Play Store, App Store, and even utilize the desktop version.

  1. Kobo Books

Kobo is your ultimate digital book club haven, where you socialize and banter with your friends while reading or listening to audiobooks. The Kobo library presents a collection of over 6 million eBooks and audiobooks from a variety of genres like Biography & Memoir, Kids, Business & Finance, Mystery & Suspense, Non-fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fiction & Literature, Periodicals, Romance, Fiction & Fantasy. While also supporting multiple languages and ebook formats.

The app also allows its users to access millions of eBooks and audiobooks for free across all of its genres as you search them by topic, genre, title, or the author.

Kobo is available at Play Store and App Store.

  1. Nook: Read eBooks & Magazines

One of the top favorite apps for anyone looking for free eBooks and this app has it in droves. The Nook Books gets its collection from the humongous Barnes & Noble’s library of 4 million eBooks, comics, graphic novels, and magazines.

Here you can access 75,000+ Free eBooks; download, and start reading them right away. Moreover, Nook offers a 14-day free trial for its newspaper and magazine collection too. If you want more, you can get it for less at NOOK Daily Find, which daily offers new books under $2.99 and up to 50% discount on Nook Books.

Download Nook on Play Store or App Store.

All in All…

This may not be a comprehensive list with each and every free platform, but we assure you that you’d find a wonderful collection on these apps. There are a number of other platforms such as Wattpad, Dreame app, Oodles Ebook Reader, Goodreads, iBooks, FB Reader, and Aldiko, which you may like to explore.

Do tell us which one you prefer and why!

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