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5 Instagram Tips for Growing your Business Online

You’re probably thinking ‘Why should I grow my business on Instagram?’, the answer is simple; there are over 1 billion Instagram users across the globe, and over 500 million users who use Instagram every single day. Instagram is becoming the most active social media platform right after Facebook, and one of the most engaging marketing platforms out there.

Think about the power of having access to an online business wherever you are. Instagram is a tool of comfort that combines ‘what you came to Instagram to see’ and ‘what you might purchase’. Instagram is one of the strongest marketing tools of our time.

Find out how to grow your business on Instagram

1.      Elevate your Bio

Start with your bio, does your profile picture reflect what your business is about? Your profile picture could be a logo of your business or a picture of your product. Do not rely solely on your bio picture for presentation, the description of your profile is even more important, you want to make it informative and easy to read. Also, try optimizing your bio description by adding clickable links and related hashtags.

2.      Revive your Instagram Account

Due to Instagram algorithm, you need to fight for a spot in everyone’s feed. You need to be smart with your choice of posts. Instagram is all about ‘how good this picture looks’, take good pictures that reflect ‘everyday life’ with this product, and don’t forget that you need to post consistently. One good post every week is not enough, make a habit of posting every other day, and prepare for future posts to keep your page up-to-date.

Another tip to keep your Instagram account alive is to post stories and live stories every now and then. And don’t forget to be more engaged with your followers by answering their questions, replying to their comments and ‘liking’ what they say about your product.

3.      Use Instagram Hashtags

Without hashtags, consider your profile ‘dying’. You need hashtags in every post, use hashtags that go hand-in-hand with your industry, do your own research of the most frequent hashtags for your industry and use them. Always make sure the hashtags you’re using are related to the product you’re selling and avoid using too many hashtags as it might attract users who are not interested in your products.

Using hashtags in your stories is a plus, stories are considered to be more active than posts as they are easier and faster to go through for users. Think the same way your customer thinks and create your content accordingly; easy to read, fast, and creative.

4.      Check your Analytics

A good reason to switch your Instagram profile to an Instagram business profile is having access to Analytics. This gives you the chance to see who is checking your content, how they got there, and who clicked the link in your bio. These numbers that appear in Analytics will come in handy in case you’re worried about the activity of your business profile. This way you will be able to know if you need to up your Instagram game or be more creative with your content.

5.      Present Giveaways or Promotions

If you’re looking for the fastest way of gaining more followers, granting a giveaway is your go-to plan. Everyone likes free stuff, and this will also give your customers the chance to see what kind of product you’re selling and maybe the winner can review the product to bring in more traffic to your page and business.

Giving out promotions for your followers only exclusively is another way of gaining more followers in a short period of time. Think about the benefits of giving out discounts and offers for followers only, it will attract new followers and increase engagement on your page.

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