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5 reasons why automated emails will help your business get more revenue

Email marketing may be the secret weapon to dominate ecommerce stores and get upto 50% extra revenue from it, provided you do it right or hire an ecommerce email marketing agency to do it. Email marketing is an almost free way to communicate to existing customers and maybe even acquire new leads. Email marketing is largely divided between automated flow emails and campaigns. In this blogpost we will focus on the reasons why automated emails

Whether you’re running a b2b business, an eCommerce, or a SaaS business, there’s a way to set up one-time automated emails to respond to a customer action/behavior. Just keep in mind that you still need to collect your audience data by a subscription form and connect it to your email marketing platform. This will save you a lot of time, and the results will continue to accumulate over time, on autopilot.

Here are some reasons why you’ll increase efficiency with Email Flows.

  1. No need to manually send emails, reducing the margin of errors.

Of course, setting up email flows takes time but trust me once they’re done and you’ve already tested everything works, that’s it, you won’t need to do anything else. They’ll be running automatically and your only job is to take a look at analytics every now and then to see if everything’s working correctly. Of course you also need to have a decent email list and constantly keep trying to grow your email list to get the best results.

  1. With the saved time you can get your hands on the company strategy.

Having these email series running on their own will free your hands off giving you the best gift ever: time. Use it wisely and plan on other business strategies to improve branding, engagement, and conversions. Don’t let this opportunity go and take advantage of this free time to improve your company’s productivity.

  1. You’ll have plenty of time to plan Newsletters and Offer Campaigns that will boost your company revenue.

Another way to use your free time is to plan on email campaigns, these can be regular Newsletters to engage or occasional Offers that will help you boost your revenue. As advice, keep an eye out on your email performance to don’t mess up with deliverability.

  1. You can get a deep analysis of flows and campaign data to optimize your email communication.

Don’t be afraid to export and analyze overall & deep reports from your email marketing campaigns and flows, you’ll find a lot of valuable insights about your subscribers and once you get familiar with it you’ll easily do on-point optimizations that will help you for sure to increase your email profit.

  1. You can benefit from Dynamic Content Personalization that can be set in each flow depending on your goals.

If you use dynamic content that shows specific information (text/images) depending on your subscriber’s actions you’ll be offering them exactly what they’re expecting and trust me, you only need to set this once on your automated emails and your audience will feel special and engaged because they’re receiving exactly what they need.

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