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5 Things to Ask Your Employees in a Stay Interview

Ensuring you ask your workers the correct stay interview queries is very important, mainly when you want stay interviews to be a basis of data in your organisation. Let’s understand what a stay consultation is before we look at the queries you can ask in such a consultation. Organisations typically administer a stay consultation to know why workers are still working for them. The talk is usually carried out by the manager where they ask their workers various questions.

Administering a stay consultation is not usually done to maintain your workers; it is mainly done so that administrators know where they are going wrong and what they can do to retain their most qualified labourers.

The stay consultation queries encompass;

Before you conduct the stay consultation, make sure you look at the things that concern your organization so that you can know the appropriate queries to ask.

Some of the queries to ask are;

  • What do you glance ahead to every time you land to work?

Each labourer will have a different explanation to this query; some might say that they like working and completing endeavours on time, others might say that working with their colleagues is the best part of getting to work, and some might say that they love their business. The more times you conduct these interviews, the easier it gets to recognize what labourers look ahead to when they come to work.

  • When was the last time you thought about vacating?

This query is fundamental because it makes you know how many workers want to dwell and work for you and how many workers are thinking about evacuating. A worker who wants to leave as soon as possible wishes to be given more consideration than a worker who wants to go in a year.

  • What do you hate about work each time?

Raising this query will make sure you monitor a trend, and this will assist you to know what you can do to improve the situation so that your labourers feel pleased operating with you.

  • What would make your business more comforting?

Work can be very exhausting, so you desire to know what your employee would want so that they can feel motivated daily. When employees feel appreciated and motivated, they will not give up easily.

  • Would you approve our firm to your friends?

This query is fundamental. When employees like working in your corporation, they will tell their friends about it and even ask them to work for you. This also makes your corporation look good, and people will know that you have an employee retention strategy.


When you want to be an employee retention company, always make sure your workers come first every time. The moment workers feel like they are being listened to will make them stay in your firm for a longer time. Make sure you carry out stay interviews occasionally. It can even be a month because issues change with time and new strategies need to be implemented to deal with the problems.

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