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5 Ways You Can Make and Mine Bitcoin Currency

The crypto industry has garnered a lot of attention over the last decade. Different types of investors, including millennials, want a piece of this pie. And even though mining and making bitcoin isn’t exactly easy, it is sporadically lucrative. As a bitcoin miner, you earn a reward in the form of crypto tokens. Nonetheless, you are not required to be a miner to own crypto tokens. The advantage of mining bitcoin is that you own cryptocurrency without paying for it. However, there are many ways of making money out of this digital currency. So, how can you make and mine bitcoin?


Investing is one of the best ways of obtaining bitcoin. This is more like exchanging currencies. With Bitcoin being a digital currency, the exchange process is done online. You don’t need to go to a bank so that you can make this transaction possible. How does this work? You visit a website that offers bitcoin and use the currency you have to buy them. Bitcoin keeps fluctuating in value, and when the price increases to a satisfactory point, you can sell it and gain some profit. The best thing is you could get useful information on transacting and trade your bitcoins on some reliable sites without any worry of getting scammed.

Selling your belongings

There are Bitcoin-friendly markets online. These markets come in handy if you want to sell some of your stuff to make bitcoin. You simply list some of these things on sites such as Craigslist and request buyers to buy with Bitcoin. When those who are interested buy, you get some bitcoins.

Mining with your GPU

The first people to use bitcoin had to mine this digital currency. You can also do it, but you’ll need a computer and bitcoin mining software. This software handles some pretty complex computations, earning you some bitcoins in the process. In most cases, you’ll not make big money when mining alone. Luckily, it’s not the only option as you can join a mining pool and accomplish more. In a pool, members share the bitcoins that are found through mining. The reward process is based on your input, so the member who does more gets more.

Mining with ASIC cards

If you are a determined bitcoin miner, you can use ASIC cards to earn bitcoin. These cards are undoubtedly more efficient. They don’t consume a lot of power, yet they can handle more calculations than your PC. The only downside is that these machines don’t come cheap. You might have to invest significant initial capital. Nevertheless, the returns may be worthwhile.

Mining on a Raspberry Pi

For someone who has a wealth of experience with mining bitcoin, you can do well with a Raspberry Pi. It is not the highest performing bitcoin machine, but it’s certainly more fun to use. The best part is that it is an inexpensive machine that bears immense potential. You could earn thousands of dollars and bitcoin when using this machine.

As you can see, making and mining bitcoin is possible. If you’ve never done it before, you can learn the ropes quickly. And once you are ready, you stand a chance to earn lots of money from the crypto industry.

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