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7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Food Safety Management Certification


The Food Safety and Management certification and system is basically a set of standards established to control and direct food safety aspects. Further, you will learn about some of the important facts and why they are so reputable and important for the food safety management certification.

Three prime bodies provide management certification schemes, FSSC, HACCP, and ISO. They are some of the most reputable ones, and mostly all the companies certify their company and organization from these management certification bodies. You will learn about their key elements:

What Is ISO Certification?

  • It is a seal approval that gives certification to the companies. The ISO stands for International Organization Standardization. It is a highly prime body that protects the data, reputation, and systems. Mostly, all the companies get the ISO certification to certify their company and get the high food safety management certification.
  • It provides an implementation guide for the companies to help them transition to a company’s new version if required.
  • It uses different techniques, food management tests, and skills to ensure food safety.
  • It ensures improved communication and management and ensures safety, reliability, and quality.
  • They are known for providing improved reputation and brand loyalty.

What is FSSC 22000?

  • Now will discuss what is FSSC 22000, FSSC 22000 is one fully recognized body responsible for food, feed, and packaging certification. It is a Global Food Safety Initiative recognized food safety body. It is known to be based on ISO standards.
  • Powerful management provides a systematic framework with the integration of the overall systematic management of the company. It is in coordination with the other standards included in ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. It is a reputed certification body that certifies the feed, food, and packaging.
  • For safety and risk management, strong hazard analysis is done, and this highly helps in improving food safety and ensuring its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • High technical skills are also used to ensure that the product or specific food must be cleared to reach out to the retailers and be certified for consumption use.

What is HACCP?

  • HACCP is another food safety management certification authority responsible for conducting the hazard analysis and preventing the potential hazards by controlling and monitoring the control point of the food production process.
  • It is responsible for establishing the verification procedures, documentation, and record-keeping, monitoring each and every critical point.
  • It also tells the company to take the most relevant correcting procedure if required. As if your company will require correcting procedures, the HACCP will provide you with the most relevant options so that you can make the changes accordingly and make your company better.

Bottom lines:

If you want your food company to be well certified and one of the most reputable ones, it is recommended to get your company verified by reputable food regulation bodies. If you have any questions about FSSC 2000 or about its elements, I hope this article helped you know about all of them and get more information about food safety.

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