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The technology for solar panels is continuously advancing with expectations of many advances in the future. Solar panels’ innovations are positively impacting their effectiveness and efficiency, especially their electrical input. Due to solar panels’ changing technology, you will realize that solar panel manufacturers are competing for more for customers leading to confusion on what solar panels to buy to suit your needs. Below are the key considerations you should make when purchasing a solar panel for your specific installation.

Your energy needs

There are two ways in which saules elektrine harness solar energy.  One is photovoltaic technology, and the other one is thermal technology. Photovoltaic technology works best if you only need electricity; however, if you are concerned about heating, you should utilize solar heaters that use thermal technology.

Also, the number of solar panels you will require to install in your home depends on your power consumption. To come to a suitable solution, first study your power consumption and utility bills for quite a while, like a year, to establish your power load. You can also present your power bills and statements to solar energy experts to study it to confirm your power usage. That will help you ascertain how much solar energy you need to produce to meet your power needs.


Solar panel efficiency means the rate at which the solar panel can convert solar/ sunlight energy onto electricity. So if the solar panel’s efficiency is higher, you will require to buy a few or one solar panel for your solar system installation.

Again, high solar efficiency means that you can get electricity and energy even when the sunlight is not too bright or in seasons when it shines half a day. It will charge the solar batteries faster since it has a higher output brought by its better efficiency. The moderate panel efficiency should be on 15-16%. 17-19% is high efficiency while 20% or more is more elevated and on top of the efficiency list.


The solar panel size depends on how it will face during installation. Some areas require that you put the panel in north facing position to absorb most light, others south, east, or west. When selecting the size, consider your roof so that it will fit that requirement.

Since you want your solar panel to absorb maximum sunlight,  the solar panel’s size and dimensions should suit the exterior of the roof, you want to do the installation. Ensure you consult with solar panel experts to help you assess a suitable size for your facility. Plus, if you live in a hotter area where there is more sunlight, you will require fewer panels than someone who resides in a colder region.


Some solar panel brands will work well when you buy them, but after some time, they lose their efficiency and generate less electricity than they should. Therefore when purchasing a solar panel, consider their durability. That will save you the costs of doing replacements from time to time, repair, and maintenance. A good solar panel should last more than a decade with little or no maintenance.

To ensure durability, deal with a credible and reputable manufacturer of solar panels, and do background checks of their solar panels’ performance. Ask around and check customer reviews. Additionally, a reputable company will give you a supportive team for installation and maintenance checks.

The bottom line

When sourcing for solar panels, take your time and make the necessary considerations. It will save you more in the future.

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