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A Guide To The Documents Required For Company Registration In Turkey

Turkey is a great and lovely country in so many ways. It is beautiful, a great tourist destination and so much more. Other than that, it is also good for company formation and registration for foreign investors and business owners. If you are considering registering a company in Turkey, there are several documents you will require to get started.

Why Establish a Company In Turkey?

The question is common. Here are the reasons why:

  • A low operational cost in the country ensures that you spend little money setting it up and running the business. So many graduates come out of Turkish colleges and most of them are looking for jobs. If you were to think of establishing a company in the United States or perhaps the UK, the operating costs would be huge.
  • Turkish people are known to be big consumers, which is good news for companies coming in to set up businesses here. Company registration in Turkey will mean taking advantage of the consumer spending habits of the Turkish people. Anyone who is looking forward to investing money in the country knows that they will be able to make a profit from it.
  • Government incentives to foreign investors are one of the other reasons why it is such a good idea to establish a company here.

Documents Required

Now it is time to find the documents that will be required for company registration in Turkey.

The shareholder of a company in Turkey can be a real person or a legal entity.

Documents if the shareholder is a real person:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Photographs
  • The signature specimen prepared at a notary in Turkey

Documents in case the shareholder happens to be a legal entity:

  • Apostilled certificate of Activity
  • Apostilled Articles of Association

For both cases, the common documents required will be:

  • 3 copies of the Notification Form of the establishment
  • Original receipt from ZiraatBankasi.

Setting Up A Company In Turkey

Turkey looks forward to foreign investors who want to establish companies within their walls. It has a good business environment that makes it easy for investors to do so. The great news is, no real persons or legal entities can form a company here. This enables people of different categories to open up offices in Turkey and take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer.

The only thing is, the company has to rent or own local premises as an office here in Turkey.

With so many investors and entrepreneurs showing interest in the country, it is now a great time to do the same. With an affordable labour force and low overhead requirements, you can invest your money in the right manner by setting up a company here. It can be easy to get the registration process done. It is however always a good idea to work through a consultancy with prime experience in setting up companies all over Turkey. This will help you get started easily and without any delays.

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