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Activate real time alerts for Missed Call Alerts

You never know which call might be important for you. Therefore, if you do miss any call due to any reason, we suggest you to always call those numbers back. But what if someone tried to reach you when you were out of network, or your phone was switched off? Generally, you won’t even get a notification on your phone logs that you have missed a certain call when not in network range.

Therefore, you need Missed Call Alerts. Earlier, Missed Call Alerts were sent via SMS and were not sent in real time. Due to that, many users missed important calls. Airtel has finally evolved its missed call alerts technology and here with the feature again, but in a smarter way.

Let’s see how exactly it works!

What is Airtel new Missed Call Alerts and how does it work?

The core meaning of missed call alerts hasn’t really changed. It basically means whenever you are not latched to a network or phone is not active for some reason, you will be able to keep track of calls missed during that duration with missed call alerts. Once your phone is back in the network zone, you will get alerts via your network operator that you missed calls with the following number. You can choose to call these numbers back if they seem important.

Now to know what is new in the Airtel missed call alert feature, let’s get into that too. Here are a few upgrades to the Missed Call Alert feature introduced by Airtel recently:

  • You will get the alerts on your phone as push notifications.
  • The Missed Call Alerts feature can be easily enabled or disabled from the Airtel Thanks bill and payment The app is the one which sends the push notifications.
  • You don’t need to activate the feature again from the app if you had activated the feature using a USSD code before.
  • You can call/text directly from the Airtel Thanks app.
  • The missed call alerts are sent in real time and have no delays.
  • You can give your contact access to the Airtel Thanks app and actually see the alerts with the caller’s name instead of just a number. We will talk more about this particular feature further on in the article.

These are a few upgrades the feature has to offer. Some things which have remained the same are:

  • It is still a FREE service and can easily be activated and deactivated.
  • You will get notifications for both the calls you missed and an update about the numbers you couldn’t reach. It works both ways.

Which permissions do I need to give for the Missed Call Alerts feature?

The Missed Call Alerts feature has been upgraded by Airtel to serve you better. Now rather than getting an SMS, you can check your missed call alerts via push notifications sent from the Airtel Thanks app. To enjoy this feature, you need to ‘allow notification permission’ on the Airtel Thanks app.

Additionally, if you wish to see which friends or family contacted you when you were not latched to a network, you need to ‘allow contact access’ on the Airtel Thanks app. If you don’t activate this feature, you will get real time alerts, but your alerts will show a number rather than a name.

You can activate both these features from the Airtel Thanks app. Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app.
  • On home screen, tap on Missed Call Alerts icon.
  • If you haven’t activated the feature, tap on activate missed call alerts.
  • Now you will see a header called ‘pending permissions.’
  • Both the features will be mentioned here. Tap on ‘Go to settings’ to allow contact access and allow notification permission.
  • Make the changes in the Settings app and you are done!

You will receive missed call alerts on your phone with the contact’s name, in real time!

Also, you can use the Airtel Thanks app to recharge your number, pay your bills, do a wifi recharge, check data usage, and more.

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