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Basic Information About Powder Coating

Powder coating entails the application of a coating on a surface without using solvents. The process is similar to applying dry paint to the surface. The production of polymer granules is achieved by creating the pigmented powder obtained from aluminum, fusion bonded epoxy and acrylics, and medium-density fiberboards. The ingredients are put in an extruder, rolled flatly, and cooled off. It is then broken down into various pieces and milled to produce powder.

The powder is then applied to a gun with an electronic charge. The object afterward is heated to melt the powder, making the finished stick on the surface. It produces a tough, hard, and abrasion-resistant coat for the object. This is the most preferred finishing for metallic objects since it can produce an appealing result and can be applied on equipment of a wide range of thicknesses.

Why should you opt for powder coating?

Mixing is done with powder pigments and ingredients to produce the desired color for the powder coating. The powder is then used on the surface of the metallic equipment. Here are some benefits of using a powder coating gun:

  • There is less cost of operating compared to using liquid lines
  • Produces few dangerous wastes compared to past use of liquid
  • It can be recycled, hence promoting 100% reusability of the substance
  • Produces a thicker coating compared to the traditional coating that involved liquids
  • The coating of metals reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds

What is the process of powder coating?

The approach used during powder coating depends on the performance needed of the product after finishing. The equipment used in powder coating works in the following steps:

  • The pretreatment or part preparation
  • The application of the powder
  • The curing part

What happens during the part-preparation process?

Before the powder coating process, removing lubrication grease, mud, metal oxides, and oil is crucial. There are several chemicals involved in the mechanical method used in removing the substances from the surface of the metal. The application of the spray chemical pretreatment entails the use of phosphates and chromates that occur in varying stages.

 The bonding of the powder to the metallic equipment entails the cleaning process in the pretreatment step. Sandblasting is also another way of preparing the surface before the coating process. It is used to give etching, finishing, surface preparation, and texturing and degreasing for wood, plastic, or glass products. Various applications of powder coating need an alternative way of preparing, like abrasive blasting before coating. The online market provides media blasting activities accompanied by coating services for extra charges

What should you expect from a good powder-coated gun?

There are several types of equipment suitable for powder coating. The powder coating gun is used in spraying the electronically charged powder on the surface of the object. Powder coating equipment is any equipment that applies powder as a coating, mostly in metallic equipment.

The right equipment must promote:

  • Consistency at the gun tip voltage
  • A uniform flow of the powder for the powder deposition to be uniform as well
  • The machine should be simple to maintain and operate

 Powder coating is the latest technique in giving an appealing finishing. The powder coating guns are not always the same. A piece of efficient equipment will deliver the appropriate powder coating at a reasonable cost.

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