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Break Down Barriers With Steph Korey by Focusing on New Concepts

Steph Korey is the co-founder of the global lifestyle brand Away founded in 2015. Now worth a valuation of more than $1.4 billion, Korey’s success as the company’s CEO helped put her on the map as a notable name to watch. Fueled by more than just her drive to succeed, Steph Korey looks at curiosity as an essential aspect of her life and her career. From working on the Board of Directors to leading team handling and product development, Korey has had to dig deep for solutions to new problems and obstacles throughout her career.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at how curiosity can fuel your success as an entrepreneur by learning from Steph Korey’s lessons.

Curiosity Drives Collaborative Efforts

Industries and marketplaces often prosper when talented individuals collaborate together. By combining two products or two complementary technologies, Korey suggests that businesses can elevate the total consumer experience, providing a level of satisfaction exceeding that of the competition.

Employing a sense of curiosity in your work can lead a developer or marketing professional to broach new ideas during brainstorming sessions. Thinking in new ways will allow us as professionals to become flexible in our thinking and more effective in our problem-solving.

Risk, Curiosity, and Potential Failure

Every entrepreneur will step onto the field of failure eventually. Curiosity enables entrepreneurs to weigh the different risks and opportunities associated with potential projects. According to Steph Korey, skilled entrepreneurs can quantify potential outcomes by exploring expert advice.

No matter how certain an entrepreneur is in their efforts, Korey understands that uncertainty will still loom over everything. With failure seemingly around the corner, a healthy sense of curiosity can help entrepreneurs to ease some of their tension and apprehension by instead focusing on the highest levels of possible achievement.

Put plainly, Steph Korey suggests embracing failures while looking for new horizons.

Enhancing Productivity With Decision Making

Most businesses operate effectively when they are efficient and productive. An assembly line requires our quick reactions as we attach components while pushing productivity goals. For catering, we might want to attend so many foodservice events in a single month or week.

A curious entrepreneur will look at productivity with a different intention. Instead, entrepreneurs will try to improve every level of productivity, finding what works while discarding what doesn’t along the way. This same sense of curiosity can lead entrepreneurs to implement systems that change the industry and the world around it. Just look at Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s production line!

About Steph Korey

Steph Korey attended and graduated from Brown University with her B.A. in International Relations. Korey would go on to earn her MBA from Columbia Business School before landing on Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Retail and ECommerce.

Throughout her multifaceted career, Steph Korey has maintained an air of curiosity to help fuel her desire to constantly improve as an entrepreneur.

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