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BrightFinance – Trade FX and Crypto With Ease

Due to the massive hype generated by Bitcoin in the year 2017, the demand for trading in crypto currencies in increasing steadily over the past few years. In addition to Bitcoin, more crypto currencies have come into the market and more are expected to come in the coming years. The basic fact about trading in crypto currency is that a broker is needed. There are many brokers available online in the world. People choose their brokers based on the services they give and the charges they deduct from the transactions.

Some of the brokers offer their trading platform to the new traders and there are also some whose room is closed to new ones and open only to experienced traders. But the best brokers like Bright Finance offer their platform to the need of all types of traders, thus helping them to create goodwill in the trading market. A broker is selected if a trader finds their service and ease of trading is better than others. Though BrightFinance can offer the platform for trading in stocks, commodities, forex currencies and indices, they have more or less developed their specialization in dealing with crypto currencies over the years.

BrightFinance is operated and owned by a company in the name of Capital Letter GmBH and is registered in Munich city of Germany. Since the company has ambitions to expand their operations globally, they have opened offices in Dominicia of Wenlock in London and also in Cyprus. It is a clear testimony to the fact that the broker is seriously interested to establish and expand its goodwill in the international market. With their operations in the market being nine years old, the company has come up with innovative packages, thus helping the traders to fulfil their need in every single possible way.

So, each investor can trade securely with them as they are properly registered and is also authorized to do CFD trading. Known as Contract for Difference, it limits the risk of the traders to a great extent. In this type of trading, you do not have to buy the asset in reality, but can buy and sell the contract which you wish to trade in. While you go for online trading, the security of the broker is a very important aspect and BrightFinance covers every aspect of that. So, whatever trading you do, be it commodity or share or crypto currency, your money will be safe with BrightFinance.

A detailed look into BrightFinance review reveals the fact that why the broker has been so popular among the traders. The broker has got some attractive features which has drawn so many traders to their trading platform.

  • Wonderful trading platform

Brokers generally swayed away by the trading platform offered by the broker. BrightFinance offers a web based trading platform which is much easy to operate than the mobile or desktop enabled platforms. You can access it through a browser and so you can also access it with your Smartphone with an Internet connection. The compatibility issues are eradicated in web based platform where there is no issue of update needed. The maintenance of the platform is taken care of by the broker and the investor can only focus on the trading on the platform. Moreover, with a browser based application, the investor can trade with his or her Smartphone from any location he wants to. The web based trading platform also ensures very fast trading and experienced traders really enjoy that. Being very quick in operations, you can see the trade reflection in real time showing price indicators in real time and it will really help to take some crucial investment decisions.

  • Bigger opportunity to trade in crypto currencies

Though introduced in the year 2009, the concept of crypto currency has started becoming popular in the last few years. Hence brokers like BrightFinance have started giving the traders the option of trading in a wide variety of crypto currencies. The broker is not only offering a few options like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, but it is also allowing to trade in assets like Bitcoin Cash, Digital Cash, Ripple. With a large numbers of options available, a trader will be able to have a significantly diversified portfolio. The investor will also be provided 500 digital coins which he can use for trading.

  • Flexible account options

Keeping in mind the need of the traders, BrightFinance has come up with three different types of account options. Each of them has been described below in brief –

Explorer – This account is suitable for the first time traders who are exploring the market for the first time. With a minimum investment of $250, the investor will be getting access to the basic features of the platform. With a maximum investment of $2000, the investors will get solid customer support and full access to the trading academy of BrightFinance.

Basic – This is the next account level where the minimum investment amount is $2500 and the maximum is $9999. The trader will get a personal analyst for making intelligent decisions and supplied with a weekly detailed research report and also reviews from the market.

Silver – In this account, the range of investment is from $10,000 till $24,999. Here the trader will not only get the assistance of a financial analyst, but he will also be explained why a particular decision is good for him within the stipulated deadline.

Gold – This account is specifically for experienced traders and the deposit amount is from a minimum $25,000 to $99,000. The holders of this account will come with a smart money management plan and it can be considered as a bonus. Returns are maximized here as well.

Platinum – This is the highest one and the deposit amount is from minimum $100,000 till $499,999. This account is for professional traders and they are protected by 5 trades and the trader will be provided with the direct in line to the analyst and he will be provided with a long-term financial plan.

In addition to this, smooth deposit and withdrawal have made BrightFinance a reliable trading option.

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