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Businesses Must Do Background Checks Where Necessary: Here’s Why!

Hiring someone for your company? Are you renting out a property to a new tenant? Are you a lender shelling out a personal loan? No matter the reason, you have to do a background check. As the name indicates, a background check is intended to verify the details of a person, based on the information provided by them. This is done by crosschecking with other resources, available from credit bureaus, financial institutions, telecom companies, and organizations. Businesses must do a thorough background check whenever necessary, and for their own safety. Here’s a look at the basics.

Why does background checks matter?

A background check is done to be sure that a person is what they claim to be. For doing a background check, a company must obtain written consent from the person, and all sorts of information, right from credit checks, history of bankruptcy, personal details, criminal backgrounds, can be reviewed and verified. There are a few exceptions to what cannot be checked and verified, but a background check is the simplest way to be assured about someone. There are companies that offer background check tools for businesses, and each one is designed to fetch and verify specific information.

Time required

So, how long does it take to get a background check? It depends on the type of check being. In case of employee background screening, it can take about five days at the maximum, while criminal background checks can take anywhere between one to three days. Other kinds of verification can be done immediately, like matching the social security number or personal details. With ready tools, businesses can simplify the whole process of a background check, and get information checked within minutes.

Other things to know

Background checks and screenings can sometimes take more time than expected, primarily because the whole process is dependent on the source being sought. If the applicant has not completed the form as expected, or has not given consent as expected, it may impact the process and lead to delays. In some counties, a considerable amount of work is still done on paper, and manual search can cause delays of many weeks.

Check online now to find more on background screening tools and select the right company that relies on quality resources for verification. You want to be sure that the screenings and checks are done as per available records and in compliance with law.

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