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Buying A Two Wheeler On EMI- Understanding The Ideal Procedure

The festive season is just knocking on our door, and it’s time for self-pampering! Is there anyone planning to buy gifts for their loved ones, or have you decided to pamper yourself first? Purchasing a two-wheeler in your budget is daunting, but it can be possible with a two-wheeler loan interest rate. 

But wait a minute! What if the bank denies to pay you a loan? What if you don’t have a bank account yet or you are a student only? If any of these cases are similar, then choosing an EMI or two-wheeler loan interest rate will help you. Owning a two-wheeler at this time becomes a necessity. If you are a person who continuously goes for outings, this is the perfect option for you. This is the safest and most budget alternative for those who don’t want to use public transport.

Not everyone is comfortable buying a bike from their savings, and they look for the safest and most convenient alternative. Are you one of them? If yes, this article will be going to help you immensely. So, now the question is how to purchase a two-wheeler on EMI or two-wheeler loan interest rate. So, you can apply for this online & offline by following some small requirements.

Requirements To Be Get Followed For Buying A Two-Wheeler On EMI

  • Track The Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the two-wheeler loan, you should start checking your eligibility first. When asking for a loan, most financial firms check your background details. Certain prerequisites need to be answered. To fulfil the eligibility, your age group should be between 23 and 47 years.

You should be employed in any public, LLP or private institution. The stable income should be Rs. 25000, or more than that. The salary or income should be credited to your best savings account because they also ask for your payment history during the process.

  • Required Documents

All the documents you must submit in this procedure are an Aadhar card, PAN card, bank statement and salary slips. Keep the Xerox of each copy with 2 passport-size photographs.

  • Calculate The EMIs

In the next step, you must calculate the EMI and the equated monthly instalments. This step is necessary to understand and estimate the expected monthly expenses before you buy anything. For this, you can use the online two-wheeler loan interest rate calculator to evaluate the amount you must shell out monthly to service the loan. If you want to invest in a two-wheeler on EMI that suits your budget, then you can customize the tenure and the loan amount.

  • Deciding The Loan Amount

Based on the choice of your two-wheeler option, you have to decide the amount you want to loan. You can ask the executives of the firm with whom you are dealing. Ask them the minimum & maximum vehicle amount they provide their customers.

  • Apply For The Loan

You can move forward after deciding the ideal two-wheeler loan interest rate amount. You can apply for this line offline by visiting the firm physically. Now, this service is also available online. All you have to make is visit the official link of the firm you are dealing with and submit the details.

Upload all the documents that are required to complete the process. The loan will be approved within 24 hours of your submission. You will receive the verification id over the mail. You can call the executives and chat with them online if you can’t complete the process.


Calculating the EMI is not difficult as it sounds. Through the two-wheeler loan interest rate calculator, you can easily estimate the right value. To use the EMI calculator correctly, you should understand the principal loan amount, interest rate and the tenure of the loan.

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