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Buying Heat Treated Wood Crates – Guidelines

Not all types of wood crates may be suitable for shipping all types of goods. You need to select the right type of custom wood crates to ship the goods across the country or across the globe. Here are some important guidelines in selecting your crates for shipping.

If you are required to transport pharmaceuticals or other products pertaining to personal health, the crates that you use shall not be treated with treated with any chemicals that could be harmful for human beings. In such cases, you need to use heat treated wood crates. This type of crates is considered the safest because they do not use any harmful chemicals to treat the wood used in the manufacturing of the crates. Heat is used as a cleansing agent to prevent wood rot and other such issues.

You may need to pay attention to few more factors before purchasing the heat treated wood crates. Check whether your shipping supplies company will be able to provide you with custom designed wood crates. It is best to establish this right at the start even if you do not currently have any need for custom sized crates. In case you should have any such requirements in future, you should be able to obtain your shipping supplies from the same supplier without having to start a fresh search.

Are the heat treated crates that you purchase reusable or are they designed for just one time use? Look for crates that are reusable and this will help you minimize the expenses on shipping supplies.

You should also take environmental friendly decisions when you are purchasing your shipping supplies. The shipping crates and other shipping supplies that you order should be recyclable. This will leave lesser carbon footprints pertaining to your shipping supplies.

Make sure that you get a detailed quote before you place the order. Your quote should include all the costs involved in procuring your shipping supplies including the delivery expenses any involved. If you should have any questions on your quote or if you should have any doubts, it is important to have them cleared before you proceed with your order. Failing to address your quote related concerns would lead to unnecessary issues down the line.

Before you place the order make sure that you are 100% sure of the specifications of the crate. You need to take into account the accurate size of the products to be shipped. The crate design will also vary based on the total weight of the each product to be shipped. Only when the size and the weight of the products to be shipped are known your crates manufacturer will be able to deliver the required crates. While deciding on the specifications of the crate, you should also decide on the type of packing that will be used between the actual product and the rate to protect the goods shipped from damage. Providing accurate information to the shipping crates supplier will help you prevent unnecessary delays.

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