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Daniel Shin of PortOne Global Introduces Tech Solutions Built For the Global Payment Processing Industry

State-of-the-art payment processing solutions are almost a requirement in today’s digitally driven economy. With businesses now needing a dominant footprint online in order to remain competitive, it has never been more important to be able to turn browsers into buyers while they are on your website.

With the right payment processing team, it is possible to engineer growth while introducing a reliable platform to your shoppers. Daniel Shin is the co-CEO and founder of PortOne Global, an innovative payment processing company based in the Asian market with experience that goes around the globe.

Introducing Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and leading e-commerce unicorn thanks to his work founding Ticket Monster. Following his success with Ticket Monster, Shin turned to payment processing as he had begun backing his work with PortOne Global. Shin has collaborated through key investments with the teams at NBT Partners, 82 Labs, Pomelo Fashion, and Korea Credit Data.

Driving Industry Changes

Technology is a fungible part of our daily lives, and Daniel Shin is of the mind that it will continue to grow and evolve as the years go by. In 2023, Shin noted that three primary trends fueled growth within his work at PortOne Global.

Evolving Biometric Technology has given shoppers and sellers alike the confidence they need to ensure a safe, accurate, and secure payment experience. From iris recognition to fingerprint scanning, new techniques are appearing all the time.

Workflow automation driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning has changed much of the data-driven world on its head. PortOne Global is working to better facilitate growth through the use of this technology.

Shin says, “At the core of the payment industry is data. Leading payment services help merchants automate tasks that were previously done manually.”

Finally, competition and value-added services are going to continue giving rise to growth within the industry. Shin suggests that continued changes and competition will continue to improve the experience for end customers.

Benefits of Payment Solutions

With PortOne Global, Daniel Shin offers companies access to payment solutions and streamlined services that can keep their business trending in the right direction. PortOne Global promises that its partners will have access to

  1. Streamlined Sales – Convenient, secure, and accessible payment processing systems lead to streamlined sales and reduced cart abandonment rates.
  2. Reliable Transactions – When customers have trouble vending a product at your store, you miss a sale. Reliable transactions are the cornerstone of a successful business.
  3. Repeat Sales – Finally, PortOne Global encourages repeat sales thanks to how it streamlines and smooths out the online shopping experience.

Daniel Shin says of his work with PortOne Global, “We’re not sure if we can solve it (payment processing, but if we do, it’s a big win for myself and the rest of the country.”

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