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Du Shuanghua, and His Role as Chairman of Rizhao Steel 

As the chairman of Rizhao Steel Holding Group, Du Shuanghua is dedicated to his company and its continued improvement. He has become a very successful Chinese businessman, and started building companies at a young age. He is well known for Shandong Steel, and for other companies he created and developed along the way. Because he started working in the steel industry at such an early part of his life, he has gained an advantage over people who started their careers at a later date.

By taking his natural abilities and coupling them with the early start in the industry, he has been able to turn a small, budding company into one of the largest and most productive in the country. Now, he continues his work, so that the steel industry can experience more innovation every day. Rizhao Steel has won many awards, including Top 500 for manufacturing, overall, and private enterprises. It continues to be praised as the standard for steel companies in China.

A Philanthropic Endeavor

Du Shuanghua is also a Chinese philanthropist, and very interested in giving back to the country and community that helped him. Rizhao Steel is a company of reform and development, allowing it to be successful over the long term, and still give back to the local area. It is understood that companies need community support, just as much as they need good leadership and a strong workforce. Because Rizhao Steel is focused on all of that, it has continued to see significant success.

The company has donated millions of dollars to relief organizations and earthquake victims, along with programs that help provide quality medical care to those who are in need. Because of the generous nature of the company and its chairman, more people in China and around the world are living better, healthier lives. Keeping workers happy is also important, and makes it less likely that those workers will leave to work with a competitor instead. Everyone benefits from strong, good treatment.

Early Years Make for a Quality Future

For the future, Du Shuanghua remains dedicated to his company, and the people who work for him. Much of that dedication came from the value of hard work and sacrifice during the early years of developing his companies. From his start in the steel industry and his first company at 22, he has continued to focus on the values and goals he has for the present and future. He quickly had multiple companies in the steel industry, which he eventually merged into one parent company in 2003.

Now, Rizhao Steel is a household name. The mill is a marvel of modern engineering, and much larger than many of its competitors. That’s not by chance, as Du Shuanghua knew the importance of creating a mill that would provide the quality he expected and the ability to grow over time. The most impressive part of the mill, though, is that it took only 181 days from the start of construction to the day it was operational. Building that quickly helped to give the company an edge, as construction often takes much longer.

Right now, Rizhao Steel and its chairman continue their daily efforts to bring additional reform and innovation to the Chinese steel industry. The company continues to evolve, and competitors show interest in keeping up with the company, as well. That moves the entire industry ahead, and offers additional value for Chinese steel customers. Competition generally benefits everyone involved, and Rizhao Steel is at the forefront of those benefits every day. The future of the company is a bright one.

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