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Dubai: a new yachting capital

The city of Dubai offers all the luxuries one can imagine, from luxury villas, lavish penthouses, impressive hotels, the world’s most expensive restaurants as well as some of the best entertainment in, the world. The city is a true paradise for the super-rich, thanks to its tax-friendly environment and dedication to luxury tourism. Permanent residents of the city settled there, bringing with them their superyachts, ideal to head over for a weekend cruise in the gulf, enjoying miles-long beaches in the constantly warm weather of the middle eastern city. Yet the level of services available to these superyachts remains quite low compared to the more traditional yachting hubs. Here are our top picks for the yachtsmen in Dubai:

When buying or selling a yacht, a yacht surveyor in Dubai is of the utmost importance, ensuring that the product being purchased is according to the specifications provided by the seller, and that all parts are working correctly. Dubai, being a relatively new yachting hub, there are very few locals with complete expertise, capable of surveying a superyacht in the area. ACP Surveyors recently started working in Dubai, importing their Italian knowledge to the most important city in the UAE. Originally from Viareggio, where a major share of the world’s yachts are built, these surveyors regularly come to Dubai on various missions to expertise the local yachts and provide a truly unbiased opinion on the quality of the yacht.

Yacht provisioning in Dubai can be a real challenge for the larger superyachts, searching to import rare products. While the local provisioners aren’t of the utmost quality, Just Provisions, one of the best yacht provisioning companies in the world delivers now on a bi-weekly basis to Dubai. The world’s largest superyachts are using their services for a reason, offering competitive prices and access to some of the rarest products. Whether you are searching for a rare bottle of champagne or specific toiletries for the guests, there is nothing that this provisioning company cannot provide.

The finest marina in the city has to be the Bulgari Yacht Club, offering a select number of berths to yacht owners and delivers the utmost level of service. Ideally located in one of Dubai’s most prestigious hotels, the Marina offers an exclusive world-class destination with tailored services. Reminiscent of a Mediterranean village in its look, the Marina flanks the 46-yacht harbour whose promenade is lightened up by street lamps at dusk. This marina is the ultimate superyacht address with berths from 10 to 40 meters.

Yachting in Dubai is still burgeoning yet some of the best companies are starting to work directly in the city, while some local companies are putting in the effort to take over the market.

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