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Easy Ways to Recognize the Bestselling Products on Amazon Months Before Others

There’s a constant need for Dropshippers to be aware of the products that are being sold the most on online retail stores. The most commonly used tool is Amazon’s best sellers page. However, just looking at the most sold products isn’t enough as the list stays the same for long periods. Dropshippers need to identify consumer trends and the best selling products on Amazon way before their competitors, and there are easy ways to do that.

Check the Movers and Shakers Page

The Amazon Movers and Shakers page displays products with the most significant improvements in sales. The page gets updated every 24 hours. Dropshippers who frequent this page spot buying trends and hence are able to invest in the winning products before others. So, getting fully acquainted with the Movers and Shakers page is a must. Filter results, learn about other product departments, switch on hourly updates, and calculate buying trends in your mind. Compare the most trending dropshipping products with the products on the bestseller lists.

Creating a Habit of Market Survey

Market survey results vary every hour. That’s because most products have a limited shelf-life. Once you make a habit of spotting buying trends, you can become the dropshipper with the best timing. Catch trends or ‘fads’ at the right time is vital for increasing your profit margin. However, merely spotting a buying trend isn’t enough. You need to use the information and make moves.

Differentiating Between Real and Fake Trends

The most important benefit of creating a market surveying habit is that you get to recognize the products that are popular because of luck. Many times, products become popular not because of actual demand. For instance, many dropshippers invested heavily in fidget spinners when they were trending. After a couple of months, that ‘fad’ died, and demands dropped. A habit of conducting market survey makes you aware of the real product trends that result in long-lasting profits.

Scour the Best Seller and Supplier Platforms

There’s so much free information about trending products on top dropshipping websites such as the GoTen dropshipping platform. Visit them and use their search engines. For instance, as you type in a term or a word into the search bar on Amazon, the most searched products show up. These small pieces of information make the difference for niche sellers. Aspire to be a top product researcher and success as a dropshipper will surely follow!

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