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Employer Guide To Hiring & Retaining Veterans

Veterans are essential in the workplace since they can offer many skills: Their training has taught them how to be responsible, goal driven, focused and resilient. However, veterans can face numerous challenges when entering the workforce after service. For instance, employers often think they will have difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Employers may also not understand how their skills can be transferable.

Veterans can be an invaluable asset to businesses. Making the effort to employ and retain them not only helps them transition, but it also provides your business with several perks. Read on to learn the benefits of hiring veterans and how to retain them.

Exceptional Performance

Veterans receive extensive technical training during their service. As a result, they are able to perform well under pressure. This means they can handle high-stress situations while remaining calm. This skill can transfer well in the workplace, such as for managing tight deadlines and making quick, important decisions.


Former service men and women are familiar with taking on assignments and extra responsibility. They’ve assumed leadership roles and have experience with various leadership styles from officers. As such, they can maintain leadership roles within your company and even mentor other colleagues.

Quick Learners

Another skill that veterans possess is their ability to quickly learn. Having honed this during their military career, they are usually comfortable taking on new challenges. Veterans can learn swiftly, follow instructions and adapt to your workplace.

Retaining a Veteran Workforce

While you may be able to attract talented veterans, the key is learning how to keep them. There are a variety of ways employers can retain veterans, such as by offering learning opportunities. This can help former service men and women stay motivated and engaged in their careers.

Additionally, strengthening your company’s mission can help your business retain veteran talent. This is because veterans are mission-oriented and enjoy serving a purpose. Be sure to communicate your company’s mission to this group and emphasize how they can fulfill it.

Moreover, veterans take a lot of pride in their work. They often thrive when entrusted with important tasks. For this reason, avoid micromanaging veterans in the workplace. This will only hinder them and can even signal a lack of distrust.

Another great way to retain veterans is by showing appreciation for their service. You can support them by honoring holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, providing luncheons and highlighting current veteran employees.

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