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ETFinance – One of the Most Trustworthy Online Brokers

ETFinance is one of the most trusted and reliable online brokers for trading and thousands of traders have connected with them over the past few years. If you are someone who is interested in trading and have been looking at a platform that is extremely safe and secure, then ETFinance is the right place for you. Instead of looking here and there for a trusted trading partner, register for all your trading needs right here. ETFinance gives you a smooth, quick, easy and hassle free experience in all the realms of trading. Searching for a trusted broker is the most important step to trading as he or she has to be aware of scam sites.

Many new traders start off wandering in the world of the internet and do not know of the best website they should register. This is taken care of by ETFinance as he or she can go through customer feedback and testimonials to back the service provider. A first time trader may easily get frustrated as they do not find a proper broker that serves all their trading needs. This platform is one of the best in the world of trading and no trader – new or experienced – will get disappointed with their services.

As a part of their services, below are the plans they provide which as a good investment to know all about trading. 

  • Exchange the traded funds
  • Procurement of Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency stock exchange
  • Procurement of cryptocurrency
  • Software to learn and earn by trading
  • Customer executives ready for assistance

As per the ratings by clients or traders who trade with ETFinance, an average rating of 9.3 on a scale of 10 has been given to the portal. Additional ratings based on the service, are as below-

  • Trading platform – 10 on a scale of 10
  • Information and education imparted – 10 on a scale of 10
  • Asset indexing – 9 on a scale of 10
  • Managing of all accounts – 8.5 on a scale of 10
  • Customer service and support – 9 on a scale of 10

To offer a convenient and smooth experience, the team has strived hard to bring the best to you by venturing into multiple digital platforms. ETFinance has taken the help of technology and has added 3 modes of training, unlike others who have 1. 3 trading modes of platform means freedom to use and access the portal from either a desktop version on a desktop, a web-based application on a laptop and/ or a mobile application. This is entirely dependent on the client or trader’s preference. To know more in details, read the following information -.

  • Web-based platform – in the web-based platform it is WebTrader that is reliable and compatible with maximum browsers. It does not require any download and installation and yet provides the best in class trading experience. The navigation is extremely rapid and easy with a superb user interface.
  • MetaTrader 4 – if you are someone with a little experience in trading, then this is a platform that you will like. This has been recommended by many traders as ETFinance has collaborated with them and he or she can use it not only on the desktop but also on a mobile phone. There is a wide assortment of integrated features, tools, auto trading options and technical indicators.
  • Mobile Trading – this is an application that has been designed for both iOS and Android operating systems. This application delivers an ultimate smooth experience with correct tools and features as additional accessories.

The account types for different users are different which ranges from beginner to intermediate to experienced traders.

To know more about these, below are the details provided –

  • Platinum account – This is for the experienced clients or traders which comes with extra features. These features are tools and spreads that are as minimum as 0.03. Furthermore, a discount of 50 percent is available on SWAPs.
  • Gold account – This is for the intermediate or traders who are seasoned. By seasoned is meant, well versed with all the aspects of the market. A seasoned trader, in this account, can benefit from a highest leverage of 1:500 which works to their advantage. The minimum spread available is 0.05 and what he or she gets is a personal account manager who provides constant assistance. Additionally, he or she gets access to video tutorials and webinars via this account.
  • Silver account – This account is perfect for the newcomers and first time traders. It comes with back-end customer support and the spreads are as minimum as 0.07. Here, the lowest deposit he or she can make is 250 dollars and the highest leverage he or she gets is 1:30.

This is one of the best trading platforms as there is constant assistance and guidance from the customer service team. There are regular video tutorials that are uploaded in the video library to provide tips on trading. These videos are segregated into parts where the tips provided are for newcomers and first time traders – basic tips on trading. On the other hand, tips that are presented for the expert and established traders – advanced tips on trading. In addition to this, if he or she gets stuck in the process, at any point of time, the customer support team is there to help. The traders can connect with them via the live chat option or can check out the other options – call, text message and email.

The entire team at ETFinance is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and solves all your queries in a low turnaround time. ETFinance is highly recommended to anyone who is keen and excited about trading. With them, he or she can think of making a career in trading, such is the amount of knowledge and help provided. The trading platform that ETFinance provides when combined with its regulatory status, tools, various account types, best customer service team and resources available makes it the best choice for trading. Here, trading can be done with equal comfort and opportunity by newcomers and also  experienced traders.

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