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Four Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Servers

With more and more businesses and people setting up websites and web applications, there is a need for website hosting services. In such cases, most companies opt for shared hosting, where many individuals or businesses share a single server.

However, if your company wants to have more control over their website and resources, there is the option of using dedicated servers. In this case, you will rent a single server from a hosting provider, which gives you exclusive access to that server’s resources.

  • Improved performance and security

When you have your own server, you will not have to worry about sharing resources with a spammer or a website that has malicious malware, which can put your own website at risk. This is quite important if you are handling sensitive data and security is a key concern for you.

In addition, the performance of your website will be enhanced as you will have exclusive use of the available resources. This is great if you have high traffic since your website will have a high uptime rate.

  • Unique IP address

Each server normally has its own IP address. If you share a server with a website that has adult content or is a spammer, this could affect your own site due to the shared IP address. It can make it harder for your own site to be ranked highly.

But with dedicated servers, you get your own IP address and have control over it. This makes it quite ideal for people who are running large websites, such as ecommerce stores.

  • Customized solutions

If you need customized options, then a dedicated server is your best solution. You have the option of configuring the server as you please. This is an option that is not available for those who are using shared hosting.

  • Scaling up

If you are expecting to scale up your website in the foreseeable future, then going for a dedicated option right from the start would be the best approach. This is because even if you can scale up with shared hosting, there is only so much you can do and you will eventually need to migrate your site to a dedicated server. So, doing this right from the start will make things easier down the line.


When considering which website hosting option to go for, consider your needs first. If security, performance and the capacity to handle high traffic are a key priority for you, then a dedicated server might be the best option for you.

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