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Getting Started: Setting Up to Become a Pro-Gamer

Professional gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and the best players receive rock star treatment. Aiming for this level of achievement immediately might be out of your reach right now but you can get started on the path that leads to this dream.

The very first step on the path is to make sure you have the right equipment; for a pro-gamer, that is having a gaming computer set-up that will allow you the speed and flexibility that professional gaming requires.

If you have always been an enthusiast it is likely that you already know what to get to complete your set-up. Once this is done, you are ready to carefully and thoughtfully begin taking the steps that will lead you to pro-gamer status.

Choose Your Platform

While many players have switched from YouTube to it is still a viable platform for sharing your content. If you want to make videos of your gameplay and then edit them into easily viewable segments with commentary, then YouTube might be best for your needs. Make sure to read YouTube’s terms and conditions for earning money through your videos as they tend to change the rules on the exact process.

Game streaming on would require you to be live. Viewers enjoy watching players’ games in real-time, and they can participate via chat and a comments section. This is much more involved but also allows you to request and receive subscribers, donations, and ad revenue.

Pick Your Game

Become a master on one game and play it better than anyone around you. Learn how to be proficient at both the single-player and multi-player versions if it has both. This will give you a greater chance of success than trying to play multiple games.

If you do enjoy other games, then you can stream or make videos of yourself playing these games as bonus content for your viewers. But, your claim to fame will come from becoming well-known as the undefeated master of one particular game.

Make sure to choose a game that you have a passion for because after some time it will get tedious. You will be expected to defeat contender after contender game over and over to prove that you are the master of the game. But this is the best way to get noticed as it displays dedication and work ethic.

Attend Gaming Events

Whether this is online or in-person, you need to start attending gaming events where people can get to know you and see you play. This is the best way to get noticed by the right people.

The goal is to showcase your skills and ability to learn and adapt so that a semi-professional team or a scout notices you. A scout should be able to help you join a team. Playing for a team of other highly-skilled players will help you improve your skills and increase your reaction speeds. The game will become second nature to you and this will ensure that you gain more fans, subscribers, and revenue.

Research, Watch, and Network

Use any events as an opportunity to learn more. Research the skills of the opponents you need to defeat. Watch other people playing your game and pay close attention to their techniques and gameplay. Meet and greet other players, team leaders, enthusiasts, and always be polite to fans. You never know when an opportunity is waiting around the corner and who could be the gateway to ensuring that it comes your way.

Being invited to play alongside well-known players will give your fan base a boost and increase your chances of generating more revenue. Luck plays a part but becoming an undeniable player who is dedicated to his work and is a pleasant person to be around will go a long way towards bringing you the recognition and collaboration you need to succeed.

Succeeding in e-sports is just like succeeding at any passion. It requires dedication and hard work. If all this sounds like too much work and you just want to make some easy money on the side, then professional gaming is not for you.

Professional gamers spend a great deal of time playing and practicing and improving their skills because they have a passion for it. If you feel that it is too much to handle then this might not be the right time for you to consider breaking into the world of gaming. There is no shame in that. Some people are hobbyists and people enjoy that. Over time, you may gain a following of people who simply enjoy watching someone play for fun. The internet is a big place and there is room in it for every type of gaming enthusiast.

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