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Hamza Ben Badour Names 5 Team Performance Metrics Companies Should be Tracking 

Not all metrics are essential to company performance, and businesses should prioritize, says Hamza.

In a recent conversation, entrepreneur Hamza Ben Badour offered insight to other business owners to grow and expand their companies. His perspective comes from years of personal experience founding companies and his recent work as a Senior Product Manager at Zendesk. Before that, he worked as a Product Manager at Pinterest after attending the University of San Francisco.

Companies need to track metrics to know whether or not they are hitting their goals. “Without KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you be rudderless. Not only do you need to be tracking metrics, but you also need to determine which metrics are most important to your company. Your metrics should align with your goals and keep your team on track.”

Hamza Ben Badour says that tracking performance may be easier said than done in many cases. Specific metrics are not always straightforward or easily quantified. He lists the five top metrics that could be used to help measure team performance as including:

Customer Service: Not only do your workers need to be skilled at their jobs, but they also need to take on the company face. One key metric needs to include how helpful your employees are to customers, clients, or buyers, even if their job isn’t typically customer-facing.

Efficient Efforts: A good worker has to work with high productivity the majority of the time. One key element of this metric should include how often your employees are hitting their deadlines. This can also include signs that the work was rushed to meet those deadlines. Workers have to stay on track if they are going to make up an effective team.

Quality Work: Perhaps the most important thing to measure is how good the work is that each employee produces, Hamza Ben Badour explains. He says that quality often occurs when employees are engaged and passionate about their work. “The quality metric often takes on a somewhat complex form,” he says. “You have to look past face value and consider how workers are affecting their teammates and customers. This metric often intersects with the customer service and efficiency metrics, but it includes the physical output of their work.”

Stepping Up: Going above and beyond to participate is another valuable employee trait you will want to acknowledge. Watch out for those who are showing initiative and helping your business out by being proactive.

Presence: Finally, Hamza Ben Badour goes on to say that attendance is often measured, but it is the presence that should be tracked. “How often are employees completely present?” he asks. “It isn’t about whether they are in the office, remote or taking days off—the value lies in how engaged employees are when they are at work.”

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