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How and when to use ventilation systems and chiller machines

When it comes to cooling large spaces, ventilation system come to the aid of industries. The latter are always installed outside the building and connected to air handling units which are also located outside. Before the onset of heat, if unavailable, a company must put a long-term cooling solution into service.

This for the simple but important purpose of ensuring the well-being of the staff until the end of the summer. A specialist then went to the site to carry out an inspection and propose the most suitable machines. Based on the specifics of the premises – size, number of people, quantity of machinery – you can decide whether to buy or rent a ventilation system or a high capacity chiller.

Just connect these professional devices to the air handling units of the production line, and to the cooling system of a laboratory and you’re done. In some circumstances, the introduction of large volumes of cold air may become necessary. For this reason, under the suggestion of professionals in the sector, you can opt for high-capacity ventilation systems, which can give maximum comfort during work to the various employees.

Whatever your idea, you will certainly be very satisfied with the solution of the ventilation systems, especially if you need the machines to remain constantly in operation during the hottest hours of the day, and become operational 24 hours a day during the summer. What about the use of chillers in cooling processes. We specify that we speak of cooling processes when a product, by its nature or consistency, cannot come into contact with the refrigerating process, typical examples of this type of application are agri-food, pharmaceutical or petrochemical companies. In these applications, the chillers are connected to fixed or portable heat exchangers within which there are two separate closed circuits: in one the chilled water passes from the chiller, in the other the product.

Being separate, any contamination will be avoided, but the heat exchange will still take place which will allow the temperature of the liquid in question to be lowered. Instead of getting to the situation where a temporary cooling system is urgently needed to prevent production levels from dropping, adjust to this practical convenience now that you are on time. In fact, if the problem is not solved quickly, you could find yourself facing costs of hundreds of thousands of euros tomorrow. To avoid this, consult a chiller mechanic or a technician who can propose an appropriate course of action.

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