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How can SOAR transform incident response?

Today, every organization needs to be prepared for any kind of hazardous threat and understand the significance of an effective incident response process. Advanced technologies such as security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) can improve incident response by quickly analyzing alerts, enabling organizations to minimize mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

On a daily basis, security teams need to deal with massive volumes of data. The use of SOAR tools can help them filter that data. This relieves the security teams and equips them with actionable intelligence, allowing them to expedite the overall incident response process. By leveraging a SOAR tool, security teams can gain contextual intelligence on complex threat campaigns, identify attacker trajectories, and discover threat patterns by linking isolated threats and incidents.

Improving Incident Response with SOAR

Faster Response Time

SOAR solutions can help collect alerts from disparate tools. By contextualizing threat information, SOC teams can accelerate the alert handling process and hence, the incident response.

Reduced MTTD and MTTR

Mean time to detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) play an important role in incident response. By using a SOAR tool, you can minimize MTTD as well as MTTR. The security orchestration element of SOAR can reduce MTTD by delivering contextualized reports on incidents. On the other hand, the security automation component of SOAR minimizes MTTR by automatically responding to alerts in real-time, accelerating incident response.

Easy Integration

A modern-day SOAR platform can be integrated with different security tools such as SIEM, network security, risk management, and others. If the integration is smooth and easy, security teams can quickly respond to any threat or incident.

Improved Collaboration

Robust SOAR tools are powered by cyber fusion that promotes collaboration among disparate teams. Cyber fusion brings together different in-house security teams such as threat hunting, SOC, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and other teams to coherently work and deliver an effective incident response.

Lowered Costs

By integrating a SOAR cybersecurity platform into their security framework, organizations can significantly save on alert handling, playbook creation, analyst training, reporting, and many other aspects.

How SOAR Helps in Incident Response?

By employing SOAR tools, SOC teams can address various incidents, malware, and vulnerabilities through a single dashboard.

Incident Management

A true SOAR tool can enable you to deliver comprehensive incident response by helping you handle triage, investigation, and actioning of incidents within an automated response workflow. Ultimately, a SOAR cybersecurity solution minimizes false alarms and analyst fatigue with post-detection and incident triage methodologies powered by data correlation, enhancement, and enrichment processes.

Malware Management

With SOAR tools, you can reduce the risk of malware infection, which can be done by monitoring malware-related activities, including containment and mitigation measures and analyzing critical detection parameters for threat actor TTPs and IOCs.

Vulnerability Management

Tracking and monitoring vulnerabilities get easier with SOAR tools. They allow you to manage a single database of vulnerabilities, enabling you to track, mitigate, and correlate malware, incidents, threat actors, and assets. This proactively neutralizes further exploitation. Moreover, you can track, manage, and respond with deeper visibility into their exploitation methods, TTPs and IOCs via a threat actor database.


SOAR cybersecurity solutions can automate incident response, reducing manual intervention and enabling security teams to focus on other critical tasks. Organizations need to choose a SOAR cybersecurity tool that can assist security teams in responding to incidents in a timely manner.

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