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How To Add Simple Authors Box Plugin in Your WordPress Blogs – Features Explained

Internet offers myriads of content options, so it is crucial to create something distinctive that makes your blog unique among the masses. You need to create a personal brand to increase followers, engage readers, and make money via blogging.

You can use author biography for WordPress to give personalized credibility to the posts. On the bios, you can attach a short description with a title and your image. It can be great for your blog’s credibility and personal reputation.

WordPress Author Box plugins are the best solution to add to your WP blog or site. There are many plugins to choose, and each one has unique features. Simple Author Box is the most popular plugin that helps authors promote their social media accounts.

User-friendly basic features of Simple Author Box plugin

  • Displays the author’s name, gravatar, description, website, and social icons.
  • Full customization to blend smoothly with your chosen theme design including color, size, style, and text options.
  • The author box gets inserted automatically at the end of the post.
  • A manual insertion option is also available.
  • Looks pleasing on every kind of device including desktop, tablet, laptop, and Smartphone.
  • The plugin has RTL and AMP support.

Premium features of Simple Author Box Pro plugin

  • Change the position of the author box and place it either before or after the content.
  • Options whether the author’s name has to be linked with its page/website/none.
  • Choose where the author box has to be shown.
  • Option to open the author’s website link on a new tab.
  • Add a rotate effect on the avatar of the author.
  • Option to add ‘nofollow’ feature on the author’s website link.
  • Option to adjust color palette.
  • Social icons type, rotate effect, style, thin border, and shadow effect.
  • Choose a suitable font and size for the author’s bio title, name, description, and website.
  • Enables co-authors and guest authors, if you desire.
  • Popular author’s widget allows appreciating the popular authors that contributed to your blog.

How to add the author’s bio box using a plugin? 

  • Install and activate the Simple Authors Box plugin
  • Click on settings > Simple Authors Bio Box
  • Here configure the plugin settings including image size, colors, and location of author bio box display.
  • Click the ‘Save changes’ button and the changes get stored.
  • Go to Users > All users page and click on ‘Edit’ link
  • Scroll down the profile edit screen to the ‘Contact Info’ portion.
  • Add links to the author’s social media accounts from here.
  • Icons for the social network will be automatically displayed as you type a URL.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Biographical Info’ portion and add the author’s bio.
  • Click on the Update user button and the changes get saved.
  • Check to see if the author’s bio box is active on their blogpost.

Author box can be added to your WordPress site or blog using WordPress Theme, WordPress Sidebar, or Code Snippet. Choosing a method is subjective but you can give Simple Authors Box plugin a try!

You can also try the coming soon page for WordPress plugin designed by the same developers. It is another must-have plugin or WP admins and site developers.

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