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How to Choose the Best GPS Tracker for Assets

If you have not invested in a GPS tracking system, it is time to do so. GPS tracking systems have gained popularity and come with many benefits. Using GPS technology as part of your fleet and equipment management tool is an effective way to track and monitor your fleet operations. It gives you or your fleet manager an easy time managing the fleets and knowing where each piece of equipment, asset, or a vehicle is at a specific time.

With many GPS tracking devices available, it is challenging to choose the right one for your assets and vehicles. You need to be a little careful and research a lot to ensure you select an advanced tracking system that sorts all your asset tracking and monitoring needs. Read on to learn tips to help you choose the right GPS tracking for assets.

Check GPS Asset Tracker Features

A GPR tracking device should not just show the location of an asset. It should provide more details to give fleet managers more information so that they can make informed decisions. Assets owners should go for robust asset-tracking solutions with advanced features, allowing for easy tracking, monitoring, and reporting.

One should choose GPS tracking for assets with advanced power management features. These features allow the device to save energy. People should also consider the cellular connectivity feature that allows one to track assets no matter where they are in this world. A good device should be Bluetooth enabled, have an internal measurement unit, and other advanced features.

Therefore, when looking for GPS asset tracking devices, consider one with advanced features. This allows you and your fleet manager to have an easy time monitoring the assets no matter where they are in this world.

Choose Field-Ready Device

When searching for a device for GPS tracking for assets, you should select hardware that can be immediately installed on your assets and customized to meet your specific needs. Ensure that the device you choose can work perfectly in extreme weather conditions. It is advisable to choose an asset tracker with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure to ensure it withstands harsh conditions in the field.

However, you should ensure that the hardware is certified to work in extreme environmental conditions. A weatherproof certified tracking device will serve you better for many years to come. And in the end, you will get the best value for your money.

Real-time Tracking or Periodic Updates?

On the market, you can find real-time tracking devices which enable you to track your assets and show their precise location at any time. You can also find devices that update asset location periodically and transmits new locations as the equipment or vehicle moves.

If you want to track vehicles, it is advisable to go for a real-time tracking device. Such a device will ensure you know where your assets are in real-time. It will allow you to have peace of mind, especially when transporting high-value goods. It can also help you identify indiscipline drivers who don’t adhere to traffic rules and company policies.

Consider Battery Life

When investing in GPS tracking for assets, you should consider the battery life of a tracker. Advanced trackers come with powerful batteries lasting up to 5 years. A tracker with a battery that lasts long can ensure smooth tracking and monitoring without thinking of replacing the battery.

Is It Customizable?

A good GPS tracker should allow for ongoing fine tuning to stay up-to-date on changing operational adjustments and conditions. It should also be customizable to meet your tracking and monitoring needs. Before you buy the hardware, ask questions about customization and how you can keep the software up-to-date for optimal performance. If you are convinced of how it can be customized as time goes by, you can then make a purchase.

Check the Tracker Software

Features of tracking software matter a lot. The software should have essential features that allow for easy monitoring, tracking, and reporting. There are many features you should look at when choosing tracking software. Geolocation mapping is a feature to consider which allows you to track the asset in real time. Good software should also feature historical tracking, variable monitoring, OTA software updates, cellular connectivity, and more features.

Size Matters

A good tracker should be very small. Small tracking devices are hard to find. Even when thieves steal your equipment, it will be hard for them to find the tracker, and you can track the stolen equipment in real-time. Additionally, small GPS trackers are easy to install in hard-to-reach areas. And no one can suspect where your tracker is, even the drivers.

Check The Reputation of a GPS Tracking Company

Before you buy a GPS tracker from a supplier, you should first research its reputation. Reputable companies will always sell high-quality trackers and offer 24/7 support services. How do you know the reputation of a GPS-tracking company?

You should read what past customers say about their asset trackers and support services. A reputable company will have many positive reviews on its website and other platforms. You should buy a GPS asset tracking device from a supplier with many positive reviews. Avoid suppliers or manufacturers with negative reviews.

Ask for Recommendations

You will not be the first person to buy a tracking system. Many people have already bought the devices and can tell you the best brands and models. Therefore, you should ask fleet managers and other people who have bought and used GPS trackers for recommendations. Buy an asset tracker recommended by many people.

Consider Price

Different GPS trackers for assets are offered at different prices. You should look for a tracker offered at an affordable price. But remember to consider the features of a tracker before you buy. Typically, a GPS tracker with advanced features will cost more than one with few features.

People should not be tempted to buy cheap trackers. Most tracking systems offered at amazingly low prices may not address your asset tracking and monitoring needs. Also, don’t be tempted to buy the most expensive tracking system. You can find a competitively priced GPS tracking for assets that will serve you better than an expensive one.

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