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How to Ensure That You Have Not Narrowed In On a Rogue Packers and Movers Company

Every move that happens across the country is unique in its own way. So whether you are shifting to a three-bedroom apartment, or hiring a studio house as a frugal measure, what you take along is important. It is equally essential that your chosen Movers and Packers in Toronto carry your valuables, your memories, and your must-haves with great care.

One Small Problem

However, with the mushroom growth of Hire Movers in Toronto, you are quite likely to come across “cowboy” companies, who can make your shifting experience a nightmare. There is no shortcut or formula to differentiate between the responses to the casual ones. But there are some signs that might tell you where not to invest your money.

Here’s the lowdown on the little things to check while you do your research.

Logistics Please

You might want to check whether your chosen company owns their truck. Also, see that their trucks are spacious enough to accommodate all your furniture and boxes. Moreover, check if they can abide by just about any physical constraint that your valuables might need.

Add ONs as and when needed

Packing is a mammoth task. While making it, even the professionals from the best moving companies in Toronto can fall short of packing supplies like bubble wrap, moving blankets, and garment boxes. Inquire whether your chosen company can supply all these essentials just about any time, even during the middle of packing. Otherwise, it can lead to a true headache.

A Service When You Need

Even if you come across a company with positive feedbacks, check whether it can operate in a time window template that you prefer. Never hesitate to ask if they would guarantee a pickup and delivery at a day and time that you are comfortable with.

Avert the Fraud

A trustworthy packing and moving enterprise would furnish you with all the information that you need to have as an individual shipper. As a client, it is on your part to go through their list of your rights and obligations. Also, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of partnering with the concerned company. Moreover, it is imperative to fully understand the way outs available in case you face a problem. Customer support would render all the help that you need. And if it doesn’t, then you perhaps know what to do.

Ask Your Questions

Often, asking relevant questions can help you zero in on with a perfect moving and packing partner. You can inquire on the following:

  • Is the company insured and bonded?
  • What are the specialized equipment that they use to lift heavy objects, such as a piano?
  • Is there a senior moving discount, or a mid-month deal, or anything that can save you a bit?
  • Will there be any extra charge for weekend/holiday shifting?
  • Can they offer storage facilities, if needed?


A number of local companies like Let’s Get Moving have a number of customized packages to suit every need and budget. But no matter the company you choose, make sure to do a background check.

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