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How to list Microsoft office Skills in the resume?

Microsoft Office setup is one of the primary skills that a significant number of employers look in candidates applying for a job. That’s why the people look for the most convincing way for listing these skills on the resume. If you are one of them, then this post needs your attention with an eagle eye. We are going to describe the way you should list the Microsoft skills on resume.

The proficiency in MicrosoftOffice/setup can be explained in a variety of manners on the resume, but we will mention the one that will impress the employers. The one thing you need to understand here is you should list them only on the resume if you are master in these skills. The biggest mistake people make is listing the high-level skills when they only have the basic ones in reality.

How should proficient users list Microsoft Office skills on a resume?

 You should follow the below-mentioned steps while listing these skills on the resume:

  • Always list the skills that you possess in reality. For e.g., if you only know about the Microsoft Excel, then write the primary skills in this variant like data analysis, macros, pivot table, etc.
  • The Microsoft Office skills should be added in the resume experience section as it is the right place for this quality. However, listing them in an ordinary way won’t do the trick.

Instead, describe how your Microsoft Office skills have helped your previous company during the employment period. It will let them know you can put them into practice.

Some examples of the right way to write them are written below:

  • The pivot tables are generated for showing the primary data and reports of the company.
  • The set of excel macros created for automating the manual processes and boosting productivity of team by nearly 30-35%.
  • Utilization of excel formulas for the addition of required formatting for reporting spreadsheets that result in reducing leverage by nearly 25%.
  • Excel used for creating shop management routine so that income analysis process gets automated.

The techniques we have mentioned above are highly proved methods for boosting your chances of grabbing eyes of the employers seeing your resume. It is the way you can utilize your Microsoft skills most convincingly.

How your Microsoft Office skills can be improved?

No matter how much knowledge you have of Microsoft Office, there is always a room for improvement. Work continuously for brushing up them using online classes. Moreover, there are tons of options available online for the free following which you can become a specialist.

Moreover, having certification in Microsoft Office will also make things better for your career. There are many certifications like MOS or MOS Expert that will be very useful for making you an ideal candidate for lots of jobs.

We believe that the information provided by our team has helped you in making your resume better. If you have a query related to this post, please write about it in the comment section.

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