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How to Shift Houses While Practicing Social Distancing

During the peak of the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus lockdown, everything had stopped and it affected everyone in one way or the other. Naturally, moving during coronavirus was also affected and I had many friends who had planned to shift into their new house but could not do it due to the various restrictions. As the lockdown ends and people are allowed to work again, I thought about writing about how to do house shifting while practicing social distancing.

What Is Social Distancing?

Social distancing is maintaining physical distance (6 feet or more according to the regulations) while being in public places. COVID-19 spreads through contact and the best way to restrict spreading it to maintain a distance that avoids the infection and this can be done by further ensuring everyone is following it while moving houses.

Establish Strict Rules

One of the most important moving tips that I can give you is that everyone helping you move should strictly follow the rules that you have set up. Everyone should be sanitizing hands regularly, wearing masks whenever required and using gloves, and most importantly follow social distancing while moving.

Ensure Everyone Is Healthy

If you are using professionals or even friends and family members to help you with the moving and packing, it is important to know that everyone is healthy. Common cold, dry cough, fever is some of the symptoms that someone may be suffering from the coronavirus and hence anyone who is suffering from this should be avoided.

Use Same Materials

There is no doubt that when you are moving to a new apartment you take as much as help you need. While before COVID-19 people were mostly taking help from their family and friends to spare them used boxes and moving material but with the social distancing regulations, you should re-use the same boxes for shifting. This moving advice should not be ignored as materials from different sources can increase the chances of the infection spreading.

Sanitize the New House

Before you start removing the furniture and unboxing the different packages that you have successfully shifted into the new house, you must sanitize the entire house. There are many ways to do it but the easiest way is to do one room daily and get the entire house ready within a week or so!

Minimize the Contact

There are going to be instances during or after the moving process where you will need to be extra careful. After the shifting process was done for my house, I knew that I had to find house cleaning services in Pune. Things like these cannot be done without additional help and for such tasks, minimizing contact is the best way to maintain social distancing.

Well, the above-mentioned points have covered pretty much everything you would want to pay attention to ensure safe social distancing while moving. Ultimately, it will depend on just how careful you are during the entire process. Just remember that prevention is better than cure and that safe moving is essential before you start enjoying life in your new house!

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