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How to start your side hustle in the metaverse

The metaverse represents an emerging frontier of digital experiences blending aspects of social media, online games, augmented reality, and more into immersive 3D virtual worlds. While still early, a growing metaverse economy is developing around virtual real estate, digital merchandise, cryptocurrencies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and providing services to other users. This presents potential opportunities to earn supplemental income through metaverse side hustles and micro businesses. Here are some ideas to consider pursuing.

Sell virtual real estate

Virtual land is in high demand in popular metaverses like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Otherside. Brands want virtual real estate to market products and engage customers. Some virtual land sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars or more based on factors like proximity to popular destinations. how to make money in the metaverse while prohibitive for most, you buy and develop smaller, affordable plots into money-making ventures like gaming arenas, malls, or advertising space.

Operate a virtual store

A popular strategy is opening a virtual store selling digital merchandise like clothing, accessories, decor, art, music, and more. You design your goods to sell or buy wholesale to resell from creators. Look for unique branded merch opportunities. Promote and sell to visitors through your virtual store. This also is part of a larger entertainment complex to attract traffic. Partner with other merchants and builders to create a dynamic shopping destination.

Provide services as an avatar

There is a growing demand for services like consulting, marketing, designing, teaching, coaching, and more by individuals, brands, and organizations establishing a metaverse presence. You offer services fulfilled in the virtual world by your customized avatar. Your avatar provides the face customers see and engage with during service delivery through means like meetings, presentations, training, and speaking engagements.

Become a vr content creator

Creating and monetizing VR content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok is an option. You produce 360 videos showcasing popular metaverse worlds that gain views and ad revenue. Sponsorships and brand deals are also potential monetization avenues. Develop tutorials, gameplay videos, fan theories, and commentary formats that attract loyal audiences. You promote related merchandise or NFTs within your content.

Trade metaverse assets

Buying, selling, and trading metaverse assets like virtual real estate, wearables, accessories, and verified collectibles generate income. You flip undervalued assets for profit or invest long-term in properties and items expected to increase in future demand. Limited edition and rare digital collectibles from popular brands appreciate substantially. Understanding metaverse gaming economics helps identify the most promising assets to trade and profit from.

Mine in-game tokens and resources

They are within metaverse games, generating in-game resources through activities like mining, foraging, and crafting produces value. Popular examples are mining or earning coins and tokens that be exchanged for cash or spent in the metaverse economy. Axie Infinity lets players earn tokens through battles and breeding Axies. Alien Worlds lets users mine resources and NFTs. Performing repetitive grinding and resource-gathering actions monetizes time spent in games.

Promote brand partners

Brand sponsorships and partnerships present monetization opportunities you approach brands relevant to the metaverse like technology, fashion, music, gaming, crypto, and more to promote their products through tactics like virtual events, digital merchandise co-creation, sponsored content, display ads, and product showcases. As an influencer with a strong metaverse following, you charge premium sponsor rates and form ongoing business relationships. Combining multiple monetization models creates diversified income channels as the metaverse evolves. Side hustles of today transform into full-time roles and companies in the metaverse future.

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