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How to study chemistry for NEET

Chemistry is an important scoring subject from the NEET examination point of view. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the qualifying exam for the medical courses MBBS, BDS, and so on. The students and aspirants looking to participate in the examination need to be thorough with their subjects. They need to do their best and score enough to get the seat that they want in the college that they want. As there is a lot of competition, the standards for performance have increased drastically. The students need to up their performance a notch and get competitive. Chemistry is an important subject for the students to score from. Chemistry involves a lot of formulae and learning of the concepts. The students need to byheart the periodic table or use some memory techniques to help them recollect the concepts. In this article, we will explore the ways that students can find ways to study chemistry for NEET. Students need to focus on their health too. Taking care of themselves is an important thing for the students who are writing a competitive examination.

  1. Mental and Physical Health

This is the most important factor for the students as their health comes on top of everything else. Students need to focus on their mental health more than anything. They need to take breaks between their study sessions. These breaks can be used to go for a walk or do something relaxing. Even playing brain-stimulating games is helpful for the students as it exercises the mind and helps them to achieve what they need. Students need to give themselves breaks and understand that taking breaks will only make them more effective, as long as the breaks are short. Students need to get back to their work after the breaks. They need to work out for at least 3-4 hours a week so that they can stay fit in their busy study schedule. Students need to walk around and stay more active. This can help them to study better too, as their minds will be ready for some thinking after some physical activity.

  1. NCERT and Reference Material

Referring to the NCERT material is important for the NEET aspirants as these textbooks build the fundamentals of the subject thoroughly. They need to understand that this textbook is important for them as building their fundamentals strongly comes first. After building their foundations strong, the exam aspirants will be able to solve all the problems on their own. The textbook serves as the basic course for their knowledge enhancement. It consists of questions for the students to answer and practice. The solutions can be found for them to understand the different methods by which a problem can be solved. Solving more and more questions will be helpful for the students as they will develop their problem-solving skills. This is important for them as they need to practice as much as they can to enhance their skills. They can move on to other reference materials when they have built their foundations strongly. They will be able to solve various types of problems with their knowledge developed from the NCERT textbooks. The reference material’s questions can be of use to the aspirants to improve their problem-solving skills. The NEET examinations will have high-level questions and this will help them to practice enough for it.

  1. Important questions and sample papers

Aspirants can solve NEET Chemistry Important Questions to understand the kind of questions that will come up in the NEET entrance examination. This is important for the students as they need to know what to expect from their papers. There are different types of questions that come repeatedly in the examinations. These are the important questions that the aspirants need to focus on. Focusing on these questions will help the students to achieve the scores that the students aspire to. They need to stay ready to learn more and more as there are various levels and types of questions that come up in the NEET examination. It is important for the students to practice on some questions that are of the same level as their NEET question papers. Students can solve sample question papers or previous year question papers. This will help the students to evaluate their progress. Evaluating their progress is important as they can figure out their flaws and work on them. They can have stable feedback on their development and this is important for their development. They can even time themselves while solving questions to improve their pace. A fast pace is of importance as they can allot their saved time to the other sections or subjects of the NEET question paper.

  1. Notes and Revision

Students can prepare their notes with important formulae and concepts. This is important as it makes the recollection of topics easier for them. Revision is effective with the help of notes and revision is necessary for scoring well in the examination. Revising is important for the students as studying once is not enough and the topics stay in the brain temporarily when we study. But when we revise, the topics stay fresh in memory. This helps students to save time and also score marks.


The article will be of help for students studying chemistry and also aspirants of the NEET examination to score well. The given techniques will be of help for the students to make sure that they can face the competitive exam ahead of them with confidence. This confidence will take them a long way and help them to achieve their dreams, even in the future. The confidence that good preparation and discipline give a person is of immense value.

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