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How to Support Clergy Abuse Victims

Clergy abuse is becoming more common in the US since religious institutions give sexual predators a chance to groom victims in a trustworthy environment. The breach of trust is the main reason why this abuse is harmful to the victims.

It is hard to know what to say to sexual abuse victims, but your availability can work wonders. Kindly remind the victim that whatever happened was not their fault and reassure them since most clergy abuse victims blame themselves for what transpired.

Let us dive right into how you can support clergy abuse victims. Clergy Abuse In Connecticut is common, and it will help to report any case to the authorities.

  • Stay Calm

Most people feel shocked or outraged after hearing the victim’s experience, but you might cause more confusion by expressing your emotions. Listen carefully to what the victim says and avoid large and unnecessary outbursts.

Also, avoid aiming threats at the perpetrator. These threats might look supportive but can add more stress to the victim.

  • Empower the Victim

Always acknowledge that your loved one was stripped of their control in the situation during the assault, and it will help to empower the victim to make a better decision on the next step. Do not give too much advice and instead offer to take them for medical exams, among others.

Avoid pressuring the victim to take uncalculated steps to prevent a backlash.

  • Be Confidential

The clergy abuse story is not yours to tell, meaning you should refrain from sharing the details without their permission. The victim should be the one to decide who to tell the story to.

Many sexual assault victims face a lot of embarrassment, and you will worsen the wound by sharing details with others.

  • Ask Where You Can Help.

It is human nature to want to handle a situation when a loved one is hurting. You should instead ask the victim what you can do to help, and mostly, your presence is more than enough. Sexual assault victims hate to be alone, and they might ask you to keep them company for a few days.

They might also ask you to accompany them to emergency rooms. It is advisable to ask what the victim wants and not assume.

  • Create Boundaries

It is important to be a good listener and supportive, but you cannot do that at your health’s expense. For example, you should not cancel plans every time the victim calls. Instead, create a time that favors both of you.

You might offer support to the victim but are not a counselor. For this, you should ensure you look after yourself and meet your obligations. Do not allow the victim’s problem to interfere with your life.

Finding a balance between looking after the victim and looking after yourself is a sign of self-care.

Final Thoughts

Clergy abuse cases are becoming more common in the US. These victims go through a lot mentally, and they need the right support. The above article has discussed how to support clergy abuse victims, and you can contact us for more information.

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