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Interactivity in Email – Different Ways to Spruce Up Your Templates

Email marketing has advanced significantly from the days when it was limited to sending plain text messages. Emails now encourage two-way communication between brands and customers. The idea is to make them more engaging so that people can pause and interact with your emails. 

In this article, we will traverse through different strategies that will help us get the best out of interactive emails, like custom Mailchimp templates

What Do We Mean When We Say “Interactive Emails”? 

Adding interactivity to your emails means converting them into more than just broadcasts, a.k.a. one-way communication. It’s like turning them into an interactive dialogue. Instead of just reading your message, readers of interactive emails can participate in it. 

  • An average email can be turned into an interactive email if you add CTA buttons asking the readers to tap on it. 
  • You can also add a carousel of product images and ask your potential customers to swipe through it. 
  • You can use a form or questionnaire. 
  • You can add an animated gif. 
  • You can conduct a poll or a quiz. 

These act as interactive elements that conduct an actionable outcome. You are compelling your audience to respond to you or simply spend time on your email and communicate with it. 

Why are Interactive Emails Essential for Modern Email Marketing? 

  • When someone interacts with your email today, they are more likely to remember your brand name tomorrow. Spending time with your email should plan an idea of familiarity in their subconscious. 
  • CTA buttons or gifs are the most attention-grabbing elements because they stand out from the crowd of email body copy. Buttons are usually highlighted with a contrasting color to that of the body of the email. 
  • Interactive emails enhance the experience of subscribers by keeping them hooked to them for longer periods of time than usual. 
  • You can personalize your interactive emails and make your subscribers feel as if this email is written exclusively for them. 

Types of Interactive Email Content 

Discuss different types of interactive content, including:

  • Buttons and CTAs 

Buttons and CTAs in your interactive emails are like road signs. They take the readers from one place to another. For example, you can add a link to your landing page and ask the readers to check out your products or services. 

You can use CTA buttons like “Shop Now”, “Limited Stock”, etc. The idea is to be honest with your subscribers. So, try to keep your CTA button or text as genuine as possible. Talking about something else in the body copy of your email and then taking your audience directly to the cart page isn’t a good idea. 

  • Image carousels 

Image carousels are a way to show so much in so little. They take the same space on a screen as a static image, but they can do so much more. You can make it appear like a slideshow of high-quality images. You can use a dynamic carousel to show images of multiple products or services you offer. So, instead of sending a separate email for each, you can send them all together. 

  • Forms and surveys 

You can add a form or a survey to your interactive email to make actionable outcomes possible within the email. Your subscribers won’t have to move to another website through a link, and they will appreciate it. They, too, don’t like to switch screens. You can conduct surveys about a past purchase or their likes and dislikes to understand them better. You can add a contact form straightaway without batting an eye. All thanks to interactive email templates for making customization this easy. 

  • Animated GIFs 

Animated GIFs are like fancy movies. There is no sound to them, but the recall value is immense. They can take your dull-sounding emails to vastly interesting topics for discussion. GIFs are not just memes. You can showcase how to use your product or service through a GIF with ease. Just keep them short and let them serve their purpose. 

  • Countdown timers 

Try adding countdown timers to add urgency to your emails. They are perfect for expiring deals, limited stocks, instant sales, etc. You are not just compelling your customers to buy from you; you are also creating scarcity of your products. This will show them that you are doing well in your business and that other people with the same requirements are buying from you. No other conversion-driving strategy comes close to countdown timers. 

  • Polls and quizzes 

By using polls and quizzes, you instantly make people curiously interested in your products or services. Even though people might not buy from you, they will know your brand once they take a poll or quiz about your product or service. These are a great way to know your audience. 

How to Create Interactive Email Templates? 

Creating interactive email templates has become a quick recipe for success. All thanks to advanced AI-driven tools. We can now create and customize email templates and fill them with interactive elements in just a few clicks. For example, custom Mailchimp templates have been designed in a way to gain maximum attraction and participation. You can use interactive elements in just a few clicks. You can easily include dynamic components like buttons, forms, and more if you keep the following points in mind. 

  1. Ensure that you understand your target audience. Every word you write must have a reason behind it. 
  2. Choose a platform that offers custom email templates. For instance, custom Mailchimp templates can help you create unique designs in which you can customize and add your interactive elements with just a few clicks and a drag-and-drop feature. 
  3. Keep the design clean and decluttered, and optimize it for smartphone devices. 
  4. Add user-friendly CTA buttons, forms, surveys, gifs, etc., to enhance the user experience by making them click on these elements with your overall design. 
  5. Ensure that your email displays properly on different devices and screen sizes, and then send your emails. 
  6. Add a touch of personalization in your emails to make them sound more humane and build a rapport with your recipients. 

Key Takeaways 

Making your emails more interactive will definitely lead to more conversions. Grabbing attention is not an easy task anymore, and it won’t suffice alone. But with interactive elements, you not only hook your audience but also compel them to take a desirable action. So, pick up these specially designed elements and elevate user experience through your emails in no time. 

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