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Kevin Modany Discusses the Traits That Make a Winning Executive

We are increasingly living in a world dominated by leadership positions who have spent years honing their crafts and expertise. Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners as well as the former Chairman and CEO of ESI Service Corp.

With years of experience in a leadership position and the willingness to share insights with others following in his footsteps, Kevin Modany took time out of his day to discuss his roles and the traits that have helped him succeed.

Let’s dive into the world of business leadership to understand better the core traits that make for a successful leader.

Core Leadership Traits

Born and raised in Carmel, IN, Kevin Modany attended Morris University, where he graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance. After acquiring his degree, he would leverage his skills by jumping right into the world of finance and business. As a private equity management consultant, Kevin Modany routinely leans on a certain set of skills to help his clients succeed.

  • Clear Vision for the Future – First and foremost, a Chief Executive Officer should have a vision that drives the business and its operations. Kevin Modany suggests taking a Big Picture View of the future when taking on a leadership position.
  • Great Work Ethic – You can’t find success if you don’t sweat a little along the way. Kevin Modany believes that every CEO must be willing to roll up their sleeves to help do the hard work when it is necessary. Modany stresses that CEOs should hold themselves and their employees to high standards while still refusing to micromanage them.
  • Communication Skillsets – Kevin Modany suggests that a leader must be able to serve as the company’s leading voice, sending messages from top to bottom that stick. Communication isn’t always about relaying a message but also about how that message is relayed. CEOs should be ready and willing to listen to their employees.
  • Data-Driven Processing – We are living in an increasingly data-driven world, and that is allowing high-level leaders to make smart decisions without hesitation. Kevin Modany suggests utilizing as much data as possible when making choices about business. Modany says, “I’m a big data-driven person.”
  • Strong Emotional Intelligence – Leaders must do more than just sit atop the ladder and watch the work done below them. Leaders must be able to connect with their colleagues and subordinates while leading with emotional intelligence. CEOs with high levels of emotional intelligence will empathize with and help to retain their good employees.

Kevin Modany presently serves as the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners, where he leverages decades of experience and leadership skills.

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