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Life Science Startups To Follow On Social Media

From offering new business possibilities to intermediating a genuine interaction with target communities, social media platforms offer many opportunities to all companies looking to expand and communicate easier with their customers.

The websites we all know and love to use today to maintain relationships or follow our favorite brands, have gained tremendous power in the last 10 years. With estimations showing that one in three people are using Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to name just a few, we can definitely say that social media has changed the online world.

Although a still very new place to be in, social media is one of the many resources all businesses in the life sciences field should consider not only as part of their optimization efforts or product launching strategy, but also for appearing more reachable to their audience.

When it comes to startups in the life sciences space, the possibilities are even more consistent: social media is cheaper than traditional life science marketing techniques, it’s fastly measurable and it allows companies to select their target audience easily.

For startups wishing to increase their brand awareness efficiently without spending a lot of money, the different channels available today are of great help when it comes to starting conversations, growing a large community and appearing more trustworthy.

However, social media skills are not always easy to get right, especially when you are a small company trying to share innovative ideas while also navigating healthcare’s communication regulatory risk. With all these, there are some life science startups who seem to have mastered their social media presence, and have managed to stay on top of their social media game, early on.

Let’s see which are the ones worth following in 2020:

  1. Sciencia Consulting

Sciencia Consulting is a life sciences and biotech marketing agency dedicated to offering consultancy for brands looking to scale their branding efforts and build a strong online presence.

With its unique online voice backed by a strong passion for medical innovation and a deep understanding of biotech trends, Sciencia Consulting aims to lead the life sciences industry space with its custom-tailored marketing strategies.

What we especially love about this startup is its dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion, and the fact that it welcomes and encourages different ideas and identities.

And unlike many other biotech marketing agencies, Sciencia works hard throughout its social media platforms to keep its community up to date with the latest trends and strategies in the life sciences space.

Their content is easy to follow, entertaining and engaging, and contains a lot of scientific animation videos, infographics or interactive eBooks. You can follow Sciencia Consulting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube.

  1. Allogene Therapeutics

With headquarters in San Francisco, Allogene Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing a pipeline of allogeneic CAR-T cell therapies to treat cancer. Their approach to cancer treatment is innovative and promising a rapid advance of new therapies to soon be available for patients in different stages of disease.

Using different Twitter techniques to engage its target audience, this biotech company managed to become a relevant name online in a short period of time. You can follow Alllogene on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. The Bill And Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Bill And Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute is a non-profit biotechnology organization based on clinical research regarding product development for different diseases and disorders.

Guided by the belief that all lives are equal and all people should live healthy and happy, the institute focuses many of its efforts into helping developing countries fight against poverty and disease.

The institute’s social media efforts are broad and engaged, with an active presence on the most relevant social media channels.

One of their latest involvement was to donate more than $250 million for the research and development of a vaccine against the SARS-COV-2 virus. You can follow Bill & Melinda Gates MRI on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. Datavant

Dedicated to organizing the world’s health data, Datavant is a San Francisco based company founded in 2017. Datavant mainly focuses on improving the clinical trial process and patient outcomes, by employing artificial intelligence.

Most active on Twitter, the company shares relevant posts and scientific views from both its CEO and reputable scientists. You can follow Datavant on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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