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Mark Hauser’s Productivity Tips

Mark Hauser is an actor and voice actor with over two decades of experience in the industry. He has starred in a number of live-action and animated television series in addition to several animated films, and has also provided his voiceover talent to other mediums such as commercials, video games, and book narration. His onscreen roles have seen him work alongside actors such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nathalie Zea, and Gabriel Bryne.

While some people may believe that being in the entertainment industry is easy work, in fact it requires a strong level of organization to properly manage the many “balls in the air” at any given time. Below, Mark Hauser provides three tips he uses to stay productive in his often hectic work schedule.

Keep it simple – make lists

According to Mark Hauser, while there are a plethora of organizational tools available today in the form of apps and computer programs he has found that a list of items jotted down on a small sticky note remains the most effective for him. In addition to the tactile satisfaction of crossing each item off when he completes it, knowing that a single sheet of paper kept in your pocket is all you need to keep you on track for the day is the kind of simplicity that is needed in today’s tech-obsessed world.

Additionally, Mark Hauser also notes that he writes his sticky note list each night before bed, and limits the list to 3 – 5 items. This prevents him from feeling overwhelmed in the morning, and allows him to prioritize the actionable steps that can be taken each day to propel him forward in his goals.

Let your commitments drive you forward

As an actor, Mark Hauser has no “nine-to-five” commitments. Often he is on set either acting or recording, but other times when projects are still in different areas of production he is not required to be anywhere at a given time and has the ability to create his own schedule.

Mark Hauser says that staying productive on those days is a matter of self-discipline, that every person should work on developing whether they have a set schedule or are freelance like him. He will use those days to research upcoming roles, practice his craft, and network with others in the industry. Rather than fall behind because his schedule isn’t perfectly balanced, he says that letting your commitments be your guide for making productivity decisions is a no-fail solution.

Look for opportunities everywhere

Mark Hauser points out that like other business owners and entrepreneurs, he is the captain of his own ship and it is ultimately his responsibility to find work. While representation and agents in the industry certainly contribute in this area, he recommends that being productive means never “turning off.” Putting yourself out there can be one of the hardest things to do in business, but gaining the confidence to do so can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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