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Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Tips for Selecting the Standard SEO Firm for Quality SEO Services


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it is crucial to conduct proper research before selecting an SEO firm for your marketing needs. The number of SEO agencies has exploded in recent years but not all of them can offer a high-quality service that helps you improve your website rankings, improve traffic, or generate sales.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to select a quality SEO service firm:

  1. Check their portfolio and online presence – Checking the online presence of an SEO firm is essential since it allows you to gauge their expertise directly. For instance, an SEO firm that ranks on top in your area is clearly using the correct online tactics and SEO strategies. However, it would be foolish to trust and hire an SEO agency that claims to be able to help improve your website rankings when their own website is not optimized properly, aren’t in the top rankings, looks unprofessional, or has negative reviews.

Checking their portfolio is a given since it allows you to understand their expertise and learn about the projects they have worked on before. Most importantly, it would allow you to decide whether the SEO firm would be a good fit for your company based on their working experience in specific niches.

  1. Verify their claims and expertise – Any SEO agency can brag about being the best in their area or having a range of successful projects under their belt. However, you should never hire their service without verifying their claims.

Thus, be sure to check external reviews and testimonials listed on their social media profiles and BBB profile to get a better understanding of their service and work culture. If possible, find the contact information of their previous client and ask about their experience working with the SEO agency.

  1. Make sure they maintain an ethical approach to SEO and marketing – The last thing that you want to do is hire an SEO company that offers you quick, short-term results by applying unethical SEO practices such as blackhat SEO tactics. Although unethical optimizations and shortcuts can produce faster results, they don’t last long and can definitely get you in trouble.

At the very least, you would risk losing your traffic and ranking within weeks after a new Google algorithm update that catches new SEO flaws, but you might even get banned for life and tarnish your brand image.

  1. Choose an SEO agency that offers complete transparency – There are no secret SEO tactics that you can follow to improve your rankings or increase your traffic and you should be wary of any SEO agency that claims otherwise. A good SEO agency would not just offer you weekly or monthly SEO reports or Google Analytics date but feature how they achieved a certain result in detail so that you can achieve complete peace of mind knowing they are not following any blackhat SEO tactics.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that it is futile to expect guaranteed results when applying SEO strategies to boost your website traffic or improve conversions and ranking. It is better to follow a strategy that allows you to adapt to the constantly changing environment of online marketing to see the best results.

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