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Marketing Automation Mistakes that Many Businesses Make

Technology has brought about many changes in the business arena.  Marketing automation is a perfect example and is a potent tool for all businesses. What makes it stand out? It speeds sales and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. Marketing automation also allows you to send personalized messages and build better business relationships. However, all marketing automation systems are different, and you can easily make blunders.

Here are common automation errors to avoid:

  1. Not maintaining a database of active contacts.

Most business owners get contacts willing to opt-in but never keep them active. You shouldn’t do this, though! By keeping the contacts active, you can constantly send them emails with relevant information and keep them engaged.

 Although some contacts may overtime become less involved, a re-engagement strategy works. It’s is an effective way to get them back on track. However, it’s best to have the contacts verify if they would like to stay on your mailing list, which helps maintain a consistent database.

  1. Sending mails to the wrong contacts

 Marketing automation eases most processes in your business. You may be tempted to send mail to clients who don’t opt-in, and this is a big blunder. The process involves permission-based emails, and you should only send emails to those who opt into your system. Also, you shouldn’t import a list of contacts manually add them to our contacts. This violates SPAM rules and can comprise the delivery of the mails.

  1. 3. Misinterpretation through wrong metrics

Automation gives accurate information and metrics, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. These may be sales conversions, email click rates, sales, landing page visits, and more. However, you can easily misinterpret the results if you focus on the wrong metrics. Before automation, know the key metrics to focus on and gauge your campaign’s effectiveness.

  1. Being pushy with your promotion

With digital marketing automation, it may be easy to keep bombarding your audience with messages. This will put them off, and you may be headed to spam earlier than you think. When you’re too pushy, your prospects will get bored. And this makes it critical to tailor your message right. Have it meet the needs of your clients and push it on the right channels.

  1. Overlooking split testing

Most marketing campaigns are different, and this can be attributed to the number of contacts and content. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to test your strategy to determine what works and what doesn’t. You can only do this with the right data, making it vital to collect it in all the marketing steps. This is where split testing comes into play. The process allows you to test the variables at a time. To conduct split testing, use the campaign that wins as the control and test it against the control.


Marketing automation will benefit your business in numerous ways. However, you may make costly mistakes if unsure of how to go about the process. To avoid this, engage an automation company. The team will manage your campaign through lead scoring and CRM integrations to ensure excellent results.

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