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Miki Agrawal: Reinventing the Pooping Experience

Miki Agrawal is single-handling disruption the bathroom-hygiene market with her innovative line of bidet products, TUSHY. It first began as a single bidet product, and has since ballooned into an entire line of bathroom essentials that even includes bamboo toilet paper.

How TUSHY Came About

Since entrepreneur Miki Agrawal was a child, she’d been infatuated with bidets. “I’m half-Japanese and half-Indian, and bidets are commonplace in both cultures. When I was younger, I never considered getting one since they were so pricey! It was never a possibility for me because I was also leasing different residences in New York City. However, in 2014, I acquired a severe hyperthyroid disease, and one of the side symptoms was a lot of feces. Going to the restroom and having to use toilet tissue was excruciating. My skin was a mess! To relieve the discomfort, I had to hop inside the shower every time. My then-boyfriend (now husband) discovered an Asian bidet that absolutely transformed my life, and I vowed to introduce it to America. I wanted to create the best-in-class, elegant, contemporary bidet that was also culturally meaningful to Americans.”

Looking Ahead With TUSHY

TUSHY’s long-term objective is to become America’s most popular bidet brand. Most businesses lose the creative flair that propelled them to success in the first place as they get larger. They believe that in order to maintain their clients, they must play it safe. As Miki Agrawal says: My main objective for TUSHY is to become more innovative as we grow. We’ll keep communicating with consumers in an approachable, relevant manner, and we’ll use comedy to break down boundaries. We’ll keep coming up with crazy, intriguing, and gorgeous creative campaigns. We understand that this is what distinguishes our brand and draws people to us.


TUSHY, a brand of modern bidets and accessories for individuals who poop, is my current firm. TUSHY is a cutting-edge bidet brand that wants to revolutionize the bathroom hygiene industry. We make every effort to avoid being known just as a “toilet” brand, Miki explains. Our inventiveness and invention, I believe, are what truly distinguish us. People are drawn to us because of our witty marketing strategies, as well as our gorgeous artwork.

About Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur who has founded a number of businesses. TUSHY, her newest endeavor, is an innovative bidet company that aspires to modernize the bathroom hygiene industry. Miki Agrawal is a well-known industry disruptor who provides new insights and answers to current challenges, frequently in areas that are still considered “taboo.”

Miki Agrawal is the best-selling author of “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt-Her,” in addition to pioneering industry-disrupting startups. Throughout her fifteen-year business career, Agrawal has received several professional honors, including “Fast Company’s Most Creative People,” “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and INC’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.” You can reach out to Miki Agrawal via her website,, or any of her social media accounts. On Instagram, her handle is @mikiagrawal.

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