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Partnership Announced Between Dante Labs and Al Farabi Medical Labs For Genomic Testing in Saudi Arabia

A partnership was announced on November 9, 2002, between two leading medical service companies, Dante Labs and Al Farabi Medical Labs. Al Farabi Medical Laboratories has been ranked among the top medical laboratories and medical services providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has locations in all areas of the Kingdom, with over 50 labs, and growing. Dante Labs has been recognized as a pioneering company in genomics, precision medicine, and genomics. The two leading companies are excited to announce a new partnership that will allow them to provide persons in Saudi Arabia with various clinical genomic tests.

Founder Andrea Riposati

Andrea Riposati, who serves as both the current CEO and a co-founder of Dante Labs, expressed his joy over the possibility of offering innovative genetic testing services in partnership with Al Farabi Medical Labs. “We are delighted to be of service to Al Farabi Medical Labs as it expands and works towards realizing its vision. Together, we aim to open the door to individuals who want to access medical care based solely on their complete genome.

Dr. Mohamed Marie, the creator of Al Farabi and its general manager, stated: “We are delighted to put Dante Labs’ expertise and technology to use in Saudi Arabia. Al Farabi, the well-known medical research facility, can be found at more than 50 locations in the Kingdom. Dante Labs is our partner for the analysis of genetic data and the production of other genome products. As with all other aspects of healthcare, our mission will be to provide the best quality care possible for our patients.

Additional Information about Dante Labs

Dante Labs is an international company that provides genetic information to empower individuals and their medical providers. They are currently creating and commercializing a new class of game-changing applications for longevity and health that is based on the sequence of complete genomes. Its platform allows the firm to offer better patient outcomes, preventative care, improved diagnostics, tailored therapy, and enhanced patient care. The company has several assets, including a top-ranked private genome database with authorization for research, proprietary software to unlock the power and scale of genomic data, and one-of-a-kind technologies that enable enterprises to take individualized approaches to genomic sequencing.

Additional Information about Al Farabi Medical Labs

Al Farabi Medical Labs, since its inception, has pursued and continues to implement the strategy of attracting and locally locating the latest and greatest diagnostic procedures to help with challenging medical equations. These include turnaround time, performance quality, and a reasonable price for the service offered. Al Farabi Medical Labs has established a strict policy to ensure that it meets all international and local standards regarding quality and safety. CBAHI accreditations and JCI accreditations have been achieved, both nationally and internationally.

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