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Philanthropist M Patrick Carroll Donates $250,000 Through CARROLL Organization

Professional recognition and financial rewards are a sign of business success and commitment to helping community needs. Accomplished entrepreneurs such as M Patrick Carroll, the founder, and CEO of CARROLL real estate investment firm based in Atlanta, predominantly participate in financially supporting and giving to charitable organizations.

HOPE Atlanta Benefits From CARROLL Donation

The HOPE Atlanta Organization, which deals with solving issues of homelessness, is a recent beneficiary of CARROLL’s donation. A sum of $250,000 was given in addition to a five-year commitment to annual contributions. As a result, the organization is now able to feed and house 16,000 households. Through the donation, Hope Atlanta has made significant progress. The initial donation allowed 80 families to obtain emergency housing for a month. It also provided long-term housing options for 3000 people and permanent houses with utility and resident security deposits for forty veterans. In addition, the veterans’ rent for the first and last months was paid.

Understanding CARROLL’s Donation

HOPE Atlanta’s CEO, Jeff Smythe, helps the community to understand the viewpoint of CARROLL’s donation. He regards these donations as a gift that allows the organization to achieve its mission of mitigating housing insecurities. M Patrick emphasizes the importance of investing in the surrounding communities. He views Hope Atlanta as a credible organization and is glad to partner with them.

M Patrick Carroll’s Strong Belief in Philanthropy

M Patrick seeks to expand his business portfolio and get better methods of offering support to the community. He believes in giving back to the community and encourages his employees to impact their communities through giving. Over the past three years, CARROLL donations to non-profit organizations have been close to $500,000. Philanthropist M Patrick Carroll has made donations to food banks in the Southeast, Colorado, Texas, Dallas and Denver, and other humanitarian programs.

Community Empowerment

M Patrick Carroll’s success generates a desire to affect people’s lives positively. His charity activities reflect on his attitude and character toward dedication, wellness, and health. Carroll takes time to speak and nurture youths. He sets an example and encourages young people to pursue and accomplish their goals. He offers scholarships to students and uses his success to exemplify how character development leads to greatness.

M Patrick Carroll Background

M Patrick Carroll was born in Richmond, Virginia, and bred in Tampa, Florida. He moved to Atlanta to work as a clothing representative after graduation. While working, he came up with a business blueprint for a real estate firm. In 2004, M Patrick Carroll started the CARROLL real estate firm and quickly became an expert in developing property in Atlanta. Today, M Patrick Carrol boasts of a successful real estate company and multiple partnerships with institutions.

CARROLL’s Reputation

With multiple investment capital, development of residential places for students and single families, CARROLL is an established real estate firm in the United States. The firm is known to acquire, develop and sell real estate assets worth billions. It seeks to expand from the Southeast to other parts of the USA. CARROLL buys multiple multi-dimensional units in profitable markets. It also provides money management and asset management activities. CARROLL performs intense research on upcoming market trends and ventures into disregarded business segments. He remains bold in pursuit of creating a successful real estate investment.

M Patrick Carroll is an example of a successful man who desires to help others share in his successes. He betters other people’s lives and offers solutions to society’s problems. He is an inspiration and proof that you can start small and accomplish your goals.

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