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Repairing Your Company’s Online Reputation After Receiving a Bad Review

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In today’s digital world, having a good online reputation score is an important asset. And although for many people out there online reputation might not mean much, if you are a business owner this post can offer you some valuable information. So follow us till the end!

Online reputation can have a fundamental impact on a company’s ability to expand and  keep its audience. That’s why knowing how to protect your business’s image, but also how to recover from reputation damage, is essential.

And if you are still unsure what online reputation means for your company,

…it’s the way your business’s image is perceived all over the Internet, from social media platforms and forums, to blog posts and Google search results. It’s how people talk about your products, your services and how you rank against your direct competitors.

Having said that, it’s obvious that all companies should start taking immediate measures to influence and repair the way they appear online. But what can you do as a business owner when your entreprises’ image has already got bruised by negative comments or reviews?

Although it can be hard to improve a bad reputation and recover from a series of negative reviews, here’s a step-by-step plan to help you bounce back and prevent defamatory comments from permanently damaging your business:

Address Negative Reviews Early On

A common misconception is that negative reviews should be ignored for not to give them added power. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

By not actively monitoring your online reputation and by not answering comments and reviews in time, you will just allow for more negativity and customer frustration to add up.

The best way is to deal with problems as soon as they occur. This can help you monitor your customers’ behavior and understand their needs and expectations early on, but it can also be valuable for identifying potential problems your company might have, that are worth looking into.

Publish Lots Of Positive Content

A lack of positive content about your company online can be as damaging as having negative comments all over left unanswered. All organizations who wish to be competitive online should have an active presence and a constant flow of content written daily.

No matter if it’s on your blog, your Twitter account, or your YouTube channel, make sure your content is refreshed constantly with unique, relevant and engaging information. It can also be useful to write about your company or services on guest blogs or forums, and use press releases when launching new products.

Plan A Reputation Strategy For Your Business

An online reputation strategy is important to implement if you want to keep your company’s online image clean, at all times.

In order for you to plan a strategy efficiently you should involve everyone in your company and decide who handles the monitoring, who handles answering comments and online advertising, and who writes the content.

If all this seems exhausting or you don’t have anyone to help you with these tasks,using the online reputation management services of a professional company will save you a lot of trouble. Not to mention these reputation  management firms are also more experienced than you will ever be at transforming negative content into positive and at helping you take back control of your online presence.

Use As Many Social Media Platforms As Possible

The countless social media sites available today can help any business owner to maximize its brand reach, engage with the right target audience and reach its online presence goals.

Among the most popular ones that are worth looking into there’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube or Tik Tok.

Work On Your SEO

SEO is a powerful digital tool to boost the rankins of positive search results and push down the negative ones. Many times, potential customers will see the Google search results about your company, before even landing on your website. Negative Google results cannot be removed directly but they can be suppressed by adding lots of positive content.

When an SEO campaign is done right, it should also include an audit to check what technical issues need cleaning, a plan for adding positive content on all your online pages and a strategy for building authoritative backlinks.

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