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Rise of the Gen Z influencer marketing


With the advancement of the Internet and technology. There has been a rise in several social media platforms, which made the connectivity and networking among people more precise. This rise of social media platforms and several other platforms led to the rise of these influencer marketers, Online marketing, and digital marketing. This advancement has dramatically affected the Gen Z influencers, which came into the limelight quite rapidly after the rise of these platforms. They are holding the globe by influencing marketing through home care products, personal care, beverages, etc. However, several reasons make this Gen Z influencer marketing one of the best online and digital marketing strategies.

Insight of Gen Z influencers:

Influences are those individuals born later in the early 80s or 90s in the generations that had seen the rise of the Internet from the beginning. Therefore, most had the proper knowledge of how the Internet works and how the algorithm plays in marketing and influencing the people. Therefore, with this perspective, in their mind, the Gen Z influencer marketers are ruling the world using these social media platforms. The primary Marketing Strategies are influenced and focused on Gen Z because they are the most educated generation and are more ethically derived towards branding and marketing.

The Platforms used by Gen Z:

There are many social media and several other platforms available online. However, there are some well-known and reputed social media platforms that are used by Gen Z. Some of the well-known platforms that are used by the Gen Z which is changing the rule of marketing and digital influencing are:

  • Tick tock: Tik Tok is one of those social media platforms that give rise to several trends in the world. This short video app is one of the widely used platforms by the jersey.
  • Twitch: Gen Z has been involved in the platform of e-gaming. Therefore, Twitch has been one of the widely used e-gaming platforms that are influencing Gen Z to a greater level.
  • Spotify: Spotify is the primary platform for music as well as a podcast. This generation is more influenced by the music as well as the short stories that are dictated through the podcast. Therefore, Spotify plays a significant role in Gen Z influencer marketing.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a dash social media platform that is totally dependent on the photos, stories as well as IGTV features that play a vital role in Gen Z influencer marketing. In recent times, Instagram has been one of the most widely used social media platforms.
  • YouTube: YouTube is one of the oldest social media platforms, and it connects people throughout the world. When it comes to Gen Z, YouTube is the most recommended and preferable platform for education as well as entertainment.


Gen Z is that generation that is born in the early 80s and 90s. Therefore, the Internet and nourished in front of their eyes. Moreover, they had this perspective over attaining the best product despite the branding. Therefore, with the rise of the social media platforms, several Influencer Marketers took Gen Z as their far better strategy to influence as well as play a significant role in digital as well as online marketing.

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