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RoyalCBank – Invest in Crypto currencies with This Online Broker

Crypto currency is the newest member in the family of trading financial instruments. Even though crypto currency was introduced in the market in 2009, as Bitcoin, it gained its rightful recognition only in 2017. This was the time when crypto currency received exposure in the trading sector and a large number of people – traders and investors – got attracted towards it. Trading with crypto currencies ensures that traders get huge returns. Over a period of time, many kinds of crypto currencies have been added to the list of financial trading instruments. The trading industry can now see the introduction of many crypto coins that too, on a daily basis.

Thus, it can be rightly said, that the trading opportunities for traders all over the world have maximized. Global traders can now explore the platform and start earning huge amounts of profit. To start with the process, he or she needs a broker who can assist and guide him or her through the steps of trading. A broker is there to provide a trader or client with all relevant tools and features to access the respective asset. In the universe of trading, he or she will find thousands of brokers but to know which is the safest is the trick.

Now that you know the necessity of having a broker, this is where RoyalCBank crypto broker comes into play. This famous trading broker was started by well known former equity and crypto traders with decades of experience to back them. RoyalCBank was launched by the experienced traders to ascertain that each and every upcoming trader can experience a smooth and hassle free performance in the realm of trading. With many years of back-end work, they were successfully able to come up with this media of trading.

Such is the customer service that many clients and traders, regardless of being new or experienced in the industry, have given positive reviews about the platform. This is the best crypto broker of trading in the industry because this of the service it has been constantly providing the traders with. As per the ratings given to this media of trading, RoyalCBank is an overall service that has an average of 9.4 on a scale of 10.

Let us have a look at the other services provided by the team –

  • Trading media – 9.2 on a scale of 10
  • Information and education provided – 7.9 on a scale of 10
  • Asset indexing – 10 on a scale of 10
  • Account management – 10 on a scale of 10
  • Customer service and support – 9.8 on a scale of 10

Anyone who has an experience of finding online brokers will know what steps to take or avoid in the trading industry. The case of RoyalCBank was simply a result of trying to avoid the struggles that he or she meets during the course of finding a broker. This is a trading platform that has been developed to address each and every requirement of crypto traders. The entire process is safe, secure, hassle free and comprehensive. After a trader registers with the RoyalCBank online trading platform broker, there are some benefits that are offered. Just like the other brokers they also have many welcome packs but they are entirely different from the others.

To give the clients or traders an ultimate and smooth experience, they have multiple user account options he or she can choose from. So, first time traders and experienced traders, to know more, let us have a look below –

  • VIP account – this is the kind of account that is offered to clients that are exclusive to RoyalCBank. To get a membership of this account, he or she has to fulfil few conditions that are laid out by the traders. Once these are fulfilled, a person is eligible to buy a membership of the VIP account. To know more about the details, he or she can contact an account manager.
  • Pro account – this account type has been created for all the professional traders. The name itself explains its details. To be a member of this account, he or she has to deposit a minimum amount of 100,000 dollars. The welcome bonus offered is 80 percent including many other tools that are required for trading.
  • Advanced account – this account type is for traders who are experienced and seasoned. Traders that have a good amount of knowledge and experience of the market are the ones that can look for a membership here. Anyone who knows and understands the trading market and wants to take new risks are welcome to be a member of the advanced plan. The minimum deposit amount is 50,000 dollars and a welcome bonus of 70 percent is offered here.
  • Medium account – this is the suitable account type for traders who are familiar with the trading of crypto currency. The welcome bonus offered here is 60 percent and the minimum amount of deposit is 25,000 dollars. For more information, a dedicated account manager will guide you through all the process.
  • Beginner account – this account type of for traders who have some knowledge of trading and are ready to start with the process. The minimum amount to deposit is 10,000 dollars and the welcome bonus offered here is 40 percent. A dedicated junior account manager will be allotted to him or her to help with the process. The manager will assist as well as guide him or her to make the trades.
  • Basic account – while taking a tour of the accounts, this is the first account an individual will come through. As the name suggests, this is the basic account and the minimum deposit amount here is 250 dollars. This account is for the first time traders or newcomers who do not have any prior experience in trading or crypto trading. They get a welcome bonus of 30 percent and education to start off trading.

It is, therefore, highly recommended to go with their services as they are the best online broker which permits investing in crypto currencies.

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