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Scott Hirsch’s Dig Dev Direct Creates Radical Search Originated Marketing Tool

Scott O Hirsch, CEO of Dig Dev Direct, has created a revolutionary search engine marketing tool that focuses on Search Originated Marketing, (SOM). Hirsch is an entrepreneur with numerous successful ventures under his belt and a recognized digital data marketing expert. He is aware of the importance of SEO to every business with an online presence. Scott and his team set out to develop a method to identify precise users who are searching for a given product or service. That means SOM can show merchants potential customers who are looking for what they sell and then market and sell directly to them. We wanted to know more about how this Dig Dev Direct search engine works, and this is what we learned.

What is Search Originated Marketing?

Throughout commerce, merchants had two problems; finding an innovative way to provide and deliver value where it is absent and getting that value message to those who can benefit from it. While technology has gone a long way toward solving both of those problems, Scott Hirsch CEO explains, bringing buyers and sellers with a common interest together is still a challenge.

With standard search engine optimization (SEO), customers are more likely to find what they are looking for when merchants use keyword language to help their searches focus on the intended target. But, Scott Hirsch CEO told us, SEO is not sure-fire. For one thing, there is a lot of competition over search rankings and for using case-specific search terms. If a company with a similar but inferior product to yours has a better SEO strategy or critical keywords, they get the customers.

Scott O Hirsch  said, “I wanted to do better for businesses, and my team made Search Originated Marketing a reality.” Search Originated Marketing is a search method that triggers invitations to be sent to online browsers that include key search terms in their queries.

How Search Originated Marketing Works

For example, suppose you sell bowling balls. Your most direct competition developed their SEO strategy before you and has effectively got “dibs” on the phrase “best bowling balls.” In this instance, you might need to come up with a slight variation and tag that with SOM search coding. So you decide to use Search Originated Marketing for the phrase “bowling balls.” Now, any time someone searches “best bowling balls,” even if your competitor gets the traffic, that user will receive a direct invitation to buy from you.

In essence, Scott O Hirsch CEO stated, Search Originated Marketing is a way to keep users who want your product from missing out just because some other sellers have successfully invested in SEO. It’s a way for you to catch buyers walking into an inferior online storefront and offer better deals to them.

SOM is a new search marketing technology that industry experts are saying could change the game when it comes to online marketing, giving motivated sellers a new way to boost their signal.

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