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The Benefits of Working with a Certified Crestron Programmer

If you have a Crestron control system in your home or place of business that is in need of updating, or if you are looking to have a Crestron system installed and want it to have some customized functionality, you will likely need to hire a Crestron programmer to help. A Crestron programmer can take Crestron hardware (new or existing) and make it operate exactly how you need it to. They can integrate all of your building’s or home’s systems (AV, HVAC, security, and more), so they are easy to program and control from a single device.

Don’t hire just anyone claiming to be a Crestron programmer, however. For the best results, you’ll want to hire a company that is designated as a Crestron Service Provider (CSP) to help you with your project. A CSP is an independent company with Crestron-certified programmers on staff. The programmers have gone through rigorous training and testing, and have extensive programming experience. They don’t sell Crestron equipment (you would have to go through a Crestron dealer for that), rather, they provide programming for Crestron equipment that gives it customized functionality.

When you work with a CSP, your likelihood of a great result is very high. Matt Grisafe, owner of AV Programming Associates, had this to say about CSPs: “A company that has a CSP designation has a proven track record for quality Crestron programming and goes through periodic training with Crestron to stay up to date on the latest technology and best practices. Not only that, but any company that has put in the work to become a CSP will also want to maintain their reputation within the industry and with Crestron. Doing otherwise could jeopardize their status as a CSP.”

In other words, it takes a lot of work for a programming company to become a CSP. That company will want to stay in good standing with Crestron, so they can continue to be listed on the Crestron website as a CSP and enjoy all of the benefits of being an official programmer for Crestron products. A certified Crestron programmer is also more likely to be there down the road when you need changes or updates to your Crestron system. These are people who are serious about what they do. They have taken the time to invest in themselves and their businesses, and are more likely to be in it for the long haul.

CSPs also have the backing of Crestron. Should your Crestron programmer run into any issues while on the job, they can contact tech support at Crestron to help with troubleshooting. Whether they are working with new hardware or old, Crestron tech support will be able to assist a programmer from a CSP company with any issues. If your programmer is not certified, he or she will be on their own to solve the problem. If you’re paying your Crestron programmer on an hourly basis, this can cause your costs to skyrocket as they research and attempt to remedy the situation.

A customized Crestron control system is an investment, no matter if it’s for your home or for your business. Make sure you are working with an experienced Crestron programmer in your area for the best service, support, and end result.

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